01 July 2008

More to come...

Along with coverage of the resigning of both Andreas Lilja and Brad Stuart (yay!) but this just had to be fate right?

Ty Conklin signs a one year deal worth $750,000 with Detroit.

It should really be worth noting that I was so in a tizzy over this (Good? Bad? Love it? Hate it? I just can't stop thinking that for me personally it's hilarious.) that I stopped at two banks on the way home from work, where I heard about it, and left my ATM card in the ATM at not one of them, no, at both banks. Thanks a lot, Ty Conklin.

Please, faithful readers, don't steal my identity.


Connie said...

I love it! This could be my favorite signing of the day.

Kirsten said...

I'd be wary of him if I were you...he just killed your repeat Cup.

DS said...

Ty Conkblock, man of destiny. Steph, he was meant to come to you! "Why is it that he keeps cycling through all my friends' teams?...What's next, one of 'ly's Pens this summer?..."

And I'm utterly heartbroken (he was SOGOOD with and for MAF) [not "osgood"], but you made me love him (well, that and him being awesome) and my first thought after "the irony may slowly kill me" and "how many more of my dreams you gonna crush this year, Detroit?" was "wow - Steph!", so please, take good care of him and tell him not to expect a ring this year, either.

At least some karmic balance of goalies has been righted in Detroit now?

Steph said...

Connie: I just about died in a chair at a hair salon - my stylist thinks I'm crazy.

Kirsten: He does seem to be bad freaking luck - but I think the hilarity of the situation has won me over for now.

DS: I know! It was fate, he kept creeping closer and closer and now he's finally here. I promise to coddle him in the hopes that he can do for us what he did for the Pens last year when they needed him. I confess, I'm kind of excited to see how he plays with this defense in front of him!

But uh, as for those crushed dreams.....sorry about Hossa? :P

Debra said...
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DS said...

>_< Hossa can go make sweet love to Chris Osgood, quite frankly. I hope he enjoys his reception in Pgh. (Somebody please cover Conks' ears at the game.)
And his not-winning of a Cup next year.

Are you and Elly still on speaking terms?

(But "Jimmy Howard: Conkblocked" makes me smile - how did I not think of that one?...)