04 September 2008

Pavel & Henrik, sittin' in a tree...

For all Mike Babcock says about Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg agreeing to be split up because both wanted to play center, Datsyuk appears a little broken up over it, when asked about his feelings on the matter:

"My reaction?" Datsyuk said Thursday after an informal skate at Joe Louis Arena. "I start crying. I can't sleep two days. But now everything is fine."

Datsyuk and Zetterberg were a dominant one-two punch when they played together last season.

"I help Hank, Hank helped me," Datsyuk said.

Datsyuk is taking a wait-and-see approach with the proposed break-up with Zetterberg.

"Every year we start like that (on different lines)," Datsyuk said. "It's not new. It's a long season. Nobody knows. I'm happy we're still on the same team. I hope we finish on the same team."
It seems Pavel is as skeptical as the rest of us about whether or not the move will last. It's great to see the comradery and chemistry between those two (as D-Mac said last year, "they're together"), as well as Datsyuk's always entertaining humor. (Okay, I admit, that was the real reason I wanted to post this.)


Kirsten said...

Have you seen the clip about Trianglehead's ringtone? Fucking hilarious.

SA Angove said...

Hey Steph-

I've checked out yr blog a few times, and it's always a solid read. Keep it crankin'.

Check out my Wings blog at redwingshardware.blogspot.com when you need a study.

In the meantime, sit on the porch with the last of the Oberon and listen to Hold Steady records.

SA Angove

Steph said...

Kirsten: I have - actually I think it was you who sent it to me. It still kills me EVERY TIME. Man.

SA Angove: Thanks! And thanks for the link, too, I checked your blog out and added it to my list of dailes, and the blogroll, of course!

That sounds like a brilliant plan, the Oberon and Hold Steady - I'll get right on that, before it goes out of season ;)

Kirsten said...

SO great. I love how he barely speaks English but knows all the words.