01 December 2008

It Begins

I'm sparing you the excuses for my absence (work work work work work) and cutting right to the chase:

Last night during NBC's Monday Night Football the NHL debuted the first big deal commercial for the Winter Classic, and it's glorious:

The commercial itself is gorgeous as a hockey commercial alone, featuring shots of players from both teams gearing up for the event, but the best part is the way the NHL seamlessly inserts Take Me Out to the Ball Game sung by Harry Caray - amazing.

I'm still involved the arduous process of getting tickets, but it's looking likely - hope to see you all there!


Kerri said...

I couldn't love that commercial any more. Could not. :-)

Meaghan said...

Ooh, that gave me shivers!

Steph said...

Kerri: I know right? I'm so impressed, after some of the, well, less than stellar attempts to market the NHL.

Meaghan: I know, it totally gave me the chills, I can't wait!

Kirsten said...

I have a massive hockey crush on Jonathan Toews...I'd love to go.

Unfortunately more surgery is happening this break. That might slow down my trek to Chicago.

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