01 November 2007

Well, that could have gone better

No recap from me, but I did want to share some thoughts. Take them with a grain of salt, I am a fan, not an analyst. I watch and talk about hockey because I love it, not because I'm an expert or know a great deal. These people are probably a better bet for stats and facts.


-While I miss Fleury's toxic yellow landmarks in goal, Sabourin looked pretty good tonight, if still a bit unsure of where he needed to be in the net.

-I was really happy with the first period, the Pens had good momentum, nice, crisp passes, and a good drive to get into the Avalanche's end. Are they doing more passing/receiving drills or was the ice just really nice in Colorado?

-Poor Talbot, getting smushed into the boards earlier this week and now having to skate off the ice after getting a puck to the face. He batted away a puck as he glided towards the bench to show his dedication.

-Pens power play is 3rd in the league? Really?

-Malone looked good, it's a real shame that his play didn't end up scoring a goal in the second, by his hand or the rebound that Sidney got. What a save by Theodore, though.

-Were there a lot of giveaways/turnovers in the neutral zone by the Pens tonight?

-The Avs announcers had some great stats tonight, such as the Avalanche going 6-0 at home and that the last (and please correct me if I get this wrong) 12 out of 16 Art Ross trophies were handed out to Penguins (Lemieux, Jagr and Crosby). The last one before Sidney was, naturally, Jagr, who landed it in 2001. He hasn't won it again since leaving Pittsburgh. Other fun Art Ross facts? For two decades it was Gretzky, Lemieux, or Jagr. Sick.

I'm sure I'm leaving out a whole load of things (Sidney being crazy, penalties, the 'what if' on the uncalled out of play puck that could have led to a nice power play opportunity) but it's 12 and I'm beat. Great game to watch, though!

The next game comes on Saturday against the Islanders at their house. The Pens aren't home again until next Wednesday when they finally meet up with the Flyers. Should be a great game then.

Go Pens.


Teebz said...

Dany Sabourin is fundamentally the worst NHL goalie I have seen in some time. He doesn't cover the bottom corners well, has limited lateral movement, and seems to leave holes open on every shot.

While I realize he's a young guy, perhaps some time with the Baby Pens would help. SIGN JOSEPH!

Elly said...

Some (more) time with the Baby Pens would probably do him a world of good, or to be the backup he was supposed to be...and he'll be a good starter. But hey, I'm not a coach, and he's getting the job done!

Teka said...

Dear Penguins.

Steal Bryz.