31 October 2007

Happy Halloween!

News (the spooky edition!):

-Bergeron is out of the hospital, but not out on the ice again for at least a month. Scary news for Bruins fans. Maybe can join his teammates in trick-or-treating instead?

-Peter Bondra retires. I'm not sure this classifies as 'scary', more like, 'thank god he's not playing against the Penguins anymore'. CapsChick, as always, has a great take on it from the Caps fan point of view.

-Tonight could be the night for Preds fans to see if they get to keep a team or not. Take some antacids, Nashville fans, and my condolences, we know how you feel. Fanhouse has a take on the Nashville situation, with a mention of a possible move to the dreaded 'KC'. I have more sympathy for Nashville every minute.

-Speaking of Fanhouse, they also have a nice write up on Malarchuk's breakthrough moment to usher in the plastic throat guard for goalies. There's even a youtube link, but be warned, if you don't like blood, don't watch it. Also, I have to agree with the writer here - Sidney, keep with the evil look. It's fun, it's Halloween time, enjoy it. Don't get me wrong, the honest and open thing is much appreciated as a fan, but sometimes it's good to let the bad boy side out too.

-P.S. Happy Birthday, goalie mask! I am a little sad there is no giant man-eating flower on Fleury's mask this year, though.

-Not scared yet? The Flyers, who I preferred as awful, pitiful wretches at the bottom of the Atlantic, are now topping it out. Second place? Penguins. Last in the East? Devils.

-Ottawa is in control on the East for the time being with 18 points. Want a frightening comparison? Detroit leads the West with 21.

-In not-so-frightening news, the Staal brothers (well, two of them) went up against the Hanson 'brothers' at the opening EA Sports NHL 08 in Toronto. I think J.Staal had it right - their first problem was picking the Hurricanes.

Scariest thing of all? These two gentlemen. The Wild certainly think so.

Next game in Colorado, Thursday at 9pm.
Go Pens.

(and Happy Halloween!)


Kirsten said...

About that game last night...yeah, nevermind, I just don't to talk about it.

Teka said...

Yeah, but at least there isn't a penguin with balls on Fleury's mask this year. No matter how many times he tried to explain that one away, it was still a penguin with balls.

Elly said...

Kirsten: Well...at least it was a good game?

Teka: You know, as much as I am sure he is glad to have people stop asking him about the penguin with balls, he seemed to have better games with it on there. Maybe that is the secret key to his success - penguin + balls = shutouts. (of course, this is just silly since he has had some very good games this year...just some not very good ones either)

Teka said...

I could make other "balls" comments about French Canadians, but I'm going to refrain :-)

Also because I've decided that if I'm nice to Fleur maybe he'll quit sulking and play hockey again.