02 October 2007

Why the Hockey Gods think they're funny: Part 274

Jason Smith, a favorite hockey personality and gritty D-man formerly of the band once known as the Edmonton Oilers, was traded this offseason, along with paper weight Jeoffrey Lupul, to the Philadelphia Flyers. Try as I might to ignore this tragic piece of news and hope to be able to blank out Smith donning the puke orange and black, fate seems to have other plans.

Meet Jason Smith, captain of the Flyers.

While I am very happy for Smith, who was an excellent captain, a little piece of me died reading that. (link, and terrible news, courtesy of my favorite bearer of bad news: Steph) Not only do I just like Smith as a player and leader, but he's actually a good leader...which means that the Flyers will now be benefiting from his leadership instead of free-falling deeper and deeper into the depths of the Eastern Conference as I prefer.

In other, less whiny news, TSN has a nice article on just some miscellaneous questions and issues put to another captain: Pittsburgh's. Very much in the style of a press-conference, but not bad. One interesting tidbit: it seems as though the NHL wants to continue on their 'let's bring the NHL to places in Europe!' kick by scenting the wind with the Pens and the Lightning in Prague next year. I hear Prague is nice (ask Steph), and they do love hockey, but does it have to be the Lightning? Just the way to start off the season: with Tampa Bay somehow beating up the Pens overseas.

It's down to the wire now: Friday is the first (Pens) game. The cable man is coming at noon to install my Center Ice. Hockey is in the air.

Go Pens.


Kirsten said...

NOOOOOO! He's supposed to be the captain of the Oilers! *sob*

Elly said...

I know! It's upsetting! And for the Flyers....sigh.

Steph said...

You objectify the Oilers so nicely. From basset-hound-with-skate-tied-to-it MAB to paperweight Lupul, I am always impressed :P

And I would be so happy to see Sykora playing in Prague! Can we get some Oilers in there so Petr Hemsky can come hang out in the crowd?

Elly said...

Those are my English skills displayed to their fullest...which probably tells you why I'm in medicine instead of literature.

I'll be excited to see them play on Friday, heck with Prague. :)

Kirsten said...

I'm starting to think I should go into medicine...the doctor I'm trying to see works four days a month and probably drives a BMW for his trouble. I wouldn't mind a gig like that at all.

Elly said...

Lol, I'm in veterinary medicine, and still a student, so I'm just getting used to a future where I'm still driving the same old car and just 200,000 big ones in debt. I should have become a human doctor, heh.