21 October 2007

The Way a Road Trip Should Be (Wings 5, Coyotes 2)

Edit 7:56pm est: Tracy has chronicled the game from a 'yotes point of view over at HLOG, complete with a lovely shot of yours truly looking like an idiot. Thanks Tracy!

As mentioned, I was working both Bronco football (a pitiful loss) and Bronco hockey (a brilliant win) yesterday evening and didn't get home until halfway through the second period of the Wings/Coyotes game, so this post will be a little on the sparse side. Fortunately for me, what it is sounds like I missed was the shakier first period play on the Wings' part, and by the time I got home they settled in nicely and pulled out the victory.

Tomas Holmstrom was the victim of what everyone I've heard from is calling a horrible penalty call that robbed Henrik Zetterberg of a goal in the first period. I mention this because even though I didn't see it, it seems like the pinnacle of the trashy calls we've been getting lately and I can only hope it goes downhill from here. Fortunately, even though the game could have been 6-2 instead of 5-2, we still won it in the end, and Zetterberg came back with a late goal (you guessed it, a gorgeous Datsyuk to Holmstrom to Zetterberg hammer-in)to make up for this one. His point streak and phenomenal play continue through nine games now.

My rookie Jiri Hudler notched his first goal of the year in the first period as well playing now, with Mikael Samuelsson back and Dallas Drake being sent home to rest after the nasty McLaren hit that broke his cheekbone, on a line with Aaron Downey and Matt Ellis (both of whom also looked good tonight trying to seal spots on the lineup). The other goals came from blissfully unlikely sources - Kirk Maltby with two and Chris Chelios with the third. It's always great to see the Eurotwins put on a show like they have been, but games like this that prove our scoring depth are a big relief and will prove to be a big asset to the team.

Coyotes blogger Tracy was texting me from the game, which she attended despite the Coyotes jacking up prices for Wings games, the last of which was "Now I cower at your team's feet." That's what I like to hear.

There are whispers of Igor Grigorenko getting the call up for the Wings soon, and the belief is that Downey would be the one sent back to Grand Rapids, especially after the way Ellis has been playing so far this season. I have to agree with Matt from On the Wings on this one:

"Quite frankly, I’d rather the Wings keep him. Downey, along with Ellis, brings an energy to this team that Grigorenko seems incapable of providing."
I'll hold judgment until I see Grigorenko's play of late (I was hoping to catch a Griffins game before this call-up, but I don't think I'll be able to make until November 1st), but it seems like a shame to continue putting so much energy into Grigorenko, who is starting to feel like the guy given way too many chances because the team really wants him to work out.

The Wings' next game is Wednesday against the Vancouver Canucks - bring it, Hannah!

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Other Notes:
  • Charter Cable seems to have Center Ice functioning now, at least in my area. I called yesterday (why no, I haven't been calling every day for the past few weeks) and was met with an "Oh! We do have that now!". Not only are they carrying it, but so long as you ask, they're crediting subscribers' accounts with $20 for the discount that Center Ice was giving if you ordered the programming early enough in the season. I even managed to talk my way into prorating so the three weeks of games we missed don't end up costing me anything. Good luck to anyone else still trying to get it! I watched the Oilers/Flames yesterday and was treated to a spectacular shot of Ales Hemsky looking around after getting, well, smushed. It was worth all that pain.
  • The WMU Bronco Hockey Team swept Bentley College this weekend, winning 5-2 Friday and 3-2 yesterday evening. Sophomore goalie Riley Gill looked outstanding and had the whole crowd bowing to him more than a few times. The kid is hot. Next weekend the boys are off to Niagara for a series there - let's hope this keeps up, as we're now 2-0 on the season and undefeated including the exhibition game against Windsor.

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