05 October 2007

Public Service Announcent

This is a bit off the beaten track here, but I thought I'd relate a quick story so others would not be completely screwed like I was and continue to be.

I ordered Center Ice, had someone come and install the cable box today, only to turn it on at game time, Pens sweater on and Blue in hand, to find that it wasn't available. Now, I have the worst luck with it comes to things like this, so after 15 frustrating minutes of fiddling with the damn thing I called my cable company thinking that a moose fell on the transformers or something (because that is a possibility) and they told me that Center Ice wasn't available for purchase yet because they haven't signed a contract with the company. They didn't know when it would be available, and no, there would not be any notification.

So, for everyone out there with Charter cable or any other afflicted companies, don't buy it yet! I didn't see any notice on nhl.com or cable sites, so if there one, forget this notice, but don't waste your money yet!

Just on a personal note, my computer refuses to play nhl material. Nothing through the online preview, game radio, or yahoo.com, and apparently it is such a bad problem that the tech support people need to contact their reps in New York. Great. I'm going to try the Pensblog cure next. If it wasn't for the kind play-by-play of Teka, I wouldn't have gotten through tonight, although perhaps with the spanking Carolina dolled out, it might have been better to live in ignorance. Thank you, Teka!

Tomorrow is a different day.
Go Pens.


Steph said...

The first guy I talked to said they would of course notify us "absolutely as soon as its available." The second guy, who was much more helpful (and actually told me about the contract thing) said they were hoping it would be soon but to keep trying back...basically you call us, we won't call you.

Of course it wouldn't let me order it because of this, so someone in the world of hockey really must hate you :( Then again I'm the one who will probably not get the $20 off price...argh.

Anonymous said...

Yes, well, at least you won't get strange computer viruses trying the Pensblog way. That's what it looks like my broke ass will be doing for the rest of the season.

Anonymous said...

Also, to anyone else reading this, you really don't want my IM play by play if you can avoid it.
An excerpt:

Teka: JStaal towards the canes
Teka: JStaal shot,
Teka: Cane tries to kill Crosby.
Teka: No goal, goalie does Hasek impression
Teka: Chstistiensen, three shots, nothing
Teka: Army attempting to kill Brindanuts
Teka: Crosby into the box right off the drop
Teka: Thierrien looks nonplussed
Teka: Crosby mightbe crying :-)

So really, you don't miss much. Except spelling, which gets progressively worse as the night goes on.

Elly said...

Steph: If I don't get the price I was quoted, I am going to one pissed off hockey fan. Well, more so than I am now.

Teka: I am contemplating the viruses. I really am.

And your play by play was great. :)

Bitchany said...

I'm sorry that is sad.

Elly said...

I almost punched a hole in the wall. And trust me, I've got chicken arms, that would have been a sight to see, heh.

Schnookie said...

If it's any help at all, Elly, those of us trapped in the evil clutches of Comcast discovered last night that just because your Center Ice is working and tivoing along fine at 7:00 doesn't mean it won't be working at 7:30. They gave us a fleeting glimpse of functionality, then snatched it away from us cruelly! And now we're working our way up the technical-support food chain probably just to be told in the end that they won't let us use our tivo anymore and have to go back to the crappy-assed Comcast DVR. (Although at least they're technically providing Center Ice. I'd die if my local cable provider just flat-out wasn't offering it!)

Elly said...

Ack! Schnookie, that is awful. At least I didn't get that taste and have it ripped away, I think that might be worse. I hope that things pan out for you, I've heard tivo is a wonderful tool to behold.