25 October 2007

We are not all Canucks (Wings 3, Canucks 2)

One day, I will learn to save my game notes. One day, I will learn that it is not smart to try to upload a 500mb file which my computer has overheated twice trying to do previously, while leaving a bunch of unsaved things, like game notes, open.

Unfortunately I did not learn this lesson last night. I was also trying to study throughout the game, and switching back and forth to that, you know, big baseball thing that's going on right now, so rather than a full recap (for a great one, hit up Gorilla Crouch as usual), I've just got a few quick notes:

  • A game against the Canucks can never go by without seven hundred and twelve similes about what a bad deal the Roberto Luongo trade was for Florida. I don't have the direct quote anymore, but the one that John Keating stumbled through last night was so bad that even he couldn't quite get it out properly. I believe it came out something like "The last time someone made a decision...this poorly was when, ah, someone at... Someone at Enron starting thinking out of the ah, box." Stop trying. Please.
  • Henrik Zetterberg continued his point streak, now at 10 games, although all he tallied last night was an assist. You know what? I'll take it.
  • Speaking of point streaks, Matt Ellis, who notched the second goal of the game, is up to four. The more he plays, the more he produces, and it looks like he's finally managing to crack the roster. In an intermission interview he insisted that neither goal was spectacular, but that they're sort of dirty, gritty goals he generally scores - I'll be he was pretty excited about them regardless. You know what? I'll take that too.
  • Despite the score winding up with a close 2-3, the Wings out shot Vancouver 39-15, and there were a couple very close calls (one in particular was absolute highway robbery on Nick Lidstrom) that had Luongo making a few spectacular saves to keep the Canucks in the game.
Detroit is now tied with Minnesota for the lead in the WC at 15 points, though Detroit has played one more game. Ready to fight for it, Kirsten?

Their next match up is against the Sharks, at home this time, on Friday at 7:30 - I'll try to remember to save my notepad file.


Finny said...

i suck at saving things too... but my macbook works very well so I was happy....

do you know, they asked mark mowers (new duckling) his thoughts about the baseball game in the first intermission... WHO DOES THAT?! I don't care if it IS the baseball world series, Mowers' mind (as should YOURS, Mr. Unnamed Hockey Announcer Whom I Usually Like and Respect Except for Last Night's Gaffe Which I Haven't Yet Forgiven You For) SHOULD BE ON HOCKEY!!!! And how to continue the pretty decent first period they had! AND I don't even CARE that Mowers knocked a few or threw a few or whatever at Fenway Park at some point in the past. This is HOCKEY. There's a GAME. WHY DON'T YOU ASK HIM HIS THOUGHTS ON THE BASEBALL GAME AFTER?!???!?!?!?!?

Okay sorry.

Zetterberg is shaping up to have a spectacular season. Makes me kind want to buy some of his clothes.

And have fun w/ the sharkys. They're always fun to play against.

Finny said...

Oh, and the whole reason I was so irate about the baseball question in the middle of hockey is because WHEN DO YOU EVER HEAR (at least in my part of the world) SOMEONE ASK ANOTHER PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE IN AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT SPORT WHAT THEY THOUGHT OF THE STANLEY CUP FINAL GAME THAT WAS GOING ON AT PRECISELY THAT MOMENT?!?!?!?!

Cuz, uhhhh, I never heard that. EVER.

Steph said...

I just never think to save something dumb like a notepad file full of game notes! I did tonight though...we'll see how long that lasts.

One of my friends was saying some race car driver was asking about football scores mid-race...I was amused. But that's SO TRUE, I can't imagine them ever asking other athletes about a hockey game. Wonder if it's ever happened. (Or if most of those athletes care...)

I so want to buy one of those Zetterberg hoodies...but I'm cheap and they're expensive. Hmmm...