28 October 2007


Some notes:

-Is it just me or does this figurine of Malkin look a bit like Lemieux?

-Patrice Bergeron of the Boston Bruins was taken out by, you guessed it, Flyers' D-man Randy Jones last night. He is stable and staying at Mass General for tests to assess the damage. He suffered a concussion, broken nose, and was not moving for several moments, and the responding doctors were forced to cut off his sweater and equipment.
The Bruins official article.


Scary stuff. Get well soon, Patrice!

-Guess what? Tyler Kennedy is back! For how long is anyone's guess.

Yes, this post is rather lame, but after a busy week, the morning after a long long Halloween party, and the fact that Center Ice is blocking me out of certain games (how does Boston count as local? I am in another state, people!), I haven't got much that other people haven't already said. I will link one last thing, and it is a great article about women bloggers that was posted to HLOG by the lovely CapsChick of A View from the Cheap Seats, who was interviewed for it.

Pens play Minnesota on Tuesday on OLNUSUS. Go Pens!


Sherry said...

I get the feeling they used Lemieux's face and painted on Malkin's name and number :P

Ellie said...

wow - def not malkin : )

Elly said...

Sherry: They do have some similar traits - play for the Penguins, score lots of goals, over 6 feet tall... :)

Ellie: Doesn't he look different? I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so!