16 October 2007

Yet another public service announcment

This is a little bit of a diversion from the normal hockey ranting as I am asking for help.

Yes, help.

Help with what, you might ask? Well, according to a lady at Charter, the only cable company in my area, they will not be offering Centre Ice this year. Why not order it online? Well, for some reason that the techies can't figure out, streaming online video doesn't work on my computer. The streaming radio doesn't either, so Mike Lange is out as well.

Aside from my (and Steph's, since she is also a victim of Charter) righteous anger over this (I had to wait an hour before writing this post), I am also out of options, which brings me in a long-winded manner to my point: Does anyone have any ideas/other options/mafia connections that could help a college student get hockey? For that matter, what are the ways that people watch hockey? Do you go to the bar? Are you lucky and able to watch it locally? Hockey Night in Canada?


In a slightly different and less frustrated and raging vein, one of my favorite bands, the Dropkick Murphys, are the NHL's band of the month.

The Murphys are great sports fans of the Boston persuasion, and if you haven't heard their hockey song, 'Time to Go', have a few incarnations of it courtesy of youtube:

To start off, the only Bruins-ish version I could find on youtube. Really, Boston fans? The only one?

A video illustrating my take on the chorus 'go go black and gold'.

Something a little different. Warning, there are a bit of spoilers in this video for Resident Evil 4 if you know what you're looking at.

I'd wear that hat.

Go Pens. Hopefully some day I'll be able to watch you play, Penguins.


Steph said...

Hysterically (oh believe me I mean every bit of that adjective), if Charter deigns to carry it, not even the bars around here will have access to any games other than the Wings and VS - because Charter is in fact our ONLY cable service provider.

There are one or two with satellite but...I'm certainly not holding my breath.

Kirsten said...

I watch Centre Ice online, because there is no local hockey in person or on TV in BFO.

Dwayne said...

I'm almost positive center ice uses windows media player, but also a particular version of windows media player. I didn't update it on my main computer, and the game was broadcast in fuschia. However, on the one in my living room / hooked up to the tv, I had it fully updated, and everything was coming in perfectly. So the question is, have you updated Windows Media Player to the latest version, yet? http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com can take care of that.

I can attempt to help you troubleshoot as well, as long as you use gtalk ( dwayne.pryce@gmail.com ) during the day or aim ( xdaynxxx ) at night. Though I'll be eating, swimming, and then watching the game tonight, so I'm not sure how much I'll be around during the evening.

As far as wishing Charter would carry center ice, you'll never be able to do anything meaningful about it. There are hundreds of localized, defacto monopolies in most of the east. The only alternative to cable really *is* satellite, but sometimes in apartments, you don't have that option. If you can't get it on the interwebs, I'm not sure *what* you'll be able to do :(

I would offer to transcode these games for you, but my PVR box is currently waiting for 2 new 500gb harddrives to get in before I can do *anything*, plus transcoding takes damn near forever to complete. You'd be getting games, at best, 2-3 days after they were played. Boo to that imo.

Sherry said...

Should he not be concerned an animal seemed to have died on his head?

In somewhat related news, I had the oddest dream that there was a rumour going around in my school that Sid was a student there studying zoo-ology or animal sciences or something. Which is strange, considering we don't have those programs (yes, that's the part I found strange).

Elly said...

Steph: I'm really hoping the bar at work has Comcast or satellite. I really am.

Kirsten: How does the Center Ice online work for you? Is the picture and quality good?

Dwayne: You're so nice to offer all that! I might take you up on the tech talk at some point, but while I love hockey, watching the games after just isn't as good (unless it's some huge thing like the playoffs), but thank you for that anyhow! (I do have the most up-to-date Media Player, which makes this so much more frustrating)

Sherry: Well, you'd think so, but....

I love that the odd courses were what threw you off, heh.

Steph said...

Sherry, I had a dream once that Sid went to Grand Valley and I was demanding my friend Molly introduce me so I could brag to Elly...and she had never heard of him before in her life :P

And Elly as for the picture quality of CI Online it looks much better this year, I noticed - better still when it's actually moving of course, but you can get a bit of an idea from screencaps I took...for...no reason at all or anything.

Elly said...

Ha! Roli is reason enough to screencap. Too bad he wasn't body-checking someone in it.

Kirsten said...

Elly, yeah, Centre Ice works really well for me online. The quality is good as long as you leave it in the medium sized square, and don't do the completely full screen. You can also watch up to four games at once if you can manage it.

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