27 March 2008

Red Wings 20591081489, Central Division ZZZZZ

Sorry. It's been a while. It's hard to get excited about Central Division game after Central Division game.

Ozzie wants to know if the end is in sight (I can't see it either, buddy).

(I want to issue a quick thanks to my friend Chapel for providing me with a cap of this shot from the Wings victory over Columbus - after Henrik Zetterberg's hat trick, more than just hats were apparently thrown on the ice, and Ozzie decided to have a little bit of fun with these. Chapel also noted that the glasses make a great pair with the equally 80s style helmet.)

For those of you in the Detroit area, a couple fun promotional things to note as the playoffs are coming up:
  • The Wings are jumping on that silly Team Medallion bandwagon. You can get coupons daily between Sunday March 31st and April 20th in the Detroit Free Press and redeem them at participating venues for little tiny relatively useless (but neat!) collectibles. There are 20 featured Red Wings players, plus one "team commemorative" - which begs the question, which three regulars off the 23 man roster got snubbed? I probably won't find out, but if you do, let us know!
  • This Saturday, March 29th, the Wings will hold a rare open practice at the Joe. For $5 or a donation of new or slightly used hockey gear, fans will get the chance to participate in "fun contests and question and answer sessions with Red Wings personalities", as well as watch the practice. The practice will also feature a “fire sale” of autographed memorabilia from current and former Red Wings players and coaches. Unfortunately I probably can't make it out thanks to the obscene gas prices lately, making the third straight open practice I've missed.
Also with the playoffs up and coming, the "ARE YOU IN?" slogan is being bandied about quite a bit on the website and all the new graphics - I sincerely hope this doesn't stick as the playoffs actually begin; even Fire on Ice seems bearable by comparison. As a matter of fact, even "Join the Red Wave" seems bearable by comparison.

Finally, the Wings play tomorrow night against the St. Louis Blues. Are you excited? I'm going upstate to watch the Griffins. Regardless, go Wings!


Sherry said...

...I don't quite get what's going on in that picture. Is he putting on his glasses?

Kirsten said...

I think someone threw them on the ice? Either way, sexy. Good look for him...

Steph said...

Yeah somebody threw them on the ice in lieu of a hat....if you figure out how this makes sense feel free to enlighten me. Either way I'm pretty sure it's spectacular.

Kirsten said...

Stupid gas being so expensive! I wanted to go to Duluth, but even with gas in Minnesota being relatively cheap compared with some parts of the country, I'm a litte on the broke side right now.

Anonymous said...

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