19 May 2008

The Ghost of Edmonton Suck

I didn't post after Sunday's disappointment because I didn't have the words. The Stars latched onto this series and hauled themselves back into it and I felt that empty feeling of momentary panic in my stomach just like Christy. It has since subsided. I believe we can win this game and I believe we can win this series. But this is what it really comes down to, boys, because this is the thing that hurts the most:

Don't let this be what knocks you out.
We want a Battle of NPI (congrats to Elly and the Penguins!).



Kirsten said...


Elly said...

Comeback year for the kids of the Oilers..Lupul and Petersen play hockey now, apparently!

Steph said...

Kirsten: I honestly will cry approximately as hard if Toby Petersen lifts the cup as I did over Chris Pronger.

Elly: Lupul eventually failed, I hope this spells good things for Toby Peteren's imminent suck as well.

baroque said...

I so cannot take a man named Toby seriously.

My younger brother has an adorable chick-magnet of a dog named Toby, and he is one of the most stupid four-legged animals on the planet. Sweet as anything, but dumb as a post.

DS said...

okay....wait. I thought Yzerman was responsible for cursing the Conference Trophies, but now HNIC tells me that all three times he won he picked the damn thing up!

So who do we blame for the modern custom of hockey players getting even more paranoid and unfulfilled?

But Lidstrom wouldn't touch it because "We saw what Crosby did". Ha!

Kirsten said...

We are safe now, Steph. I have cried three times in hockey. 1.) when the North Stars left. 2.) Oilers losing the Cup. 3.) FCP holding the Cup above his head.

Steph said...

Baroque: In the end, it seems no one with the name Toby really deserves to be taken seriously after all ;)

DS: I think, though I'm not positive, that he touched it all three times yes, but the tradition might have been started in 1995 when he not only picked it up but they had a big celebration, took their picture with it and whatnot, and then got swept by the Devils.

Kirsten: I'm with you on the second two for sure. This year at least cannot be that painful.

Kirsten said...

True. Nothing can be more painful than those two things. Except for your team leaving. I think that might be more painful, except maybe for watching your former team hoist the Cup. I'm not going to lie, I also cried when the Stars won the Cup in 1999.

Zetterdouche, Trianglehead, Chelios, I need you all to forget most of the mean things I have said about you guys. I need some winning. Lebda, we can get remarried only if you beat the shit out of the Pens.

Steph said...

That's very true, even watching FCP lift the cup wouldn't hurt as much as my team leaving.

Did you see Lebda get sort of killed tonight? I was worried he was hurt but he did come back and take a few more shifts at the end. You're going to have to put the Zetterdouche and Trianglehead hate on hold for a bit - I'll even forgive you for not posting their adventures until the Finals are over.

(Holy shit speaking of which when they were talking about Hank and Dallas Drake using the same sticks and then panned in on them and they said "Zetterdrake"? I TOTALLY read it wrong at first.)

Kirsten said...

I will write the adventures of Zetterdouche and Trianglehead with the Cup, but will continue my regularly scheduled heckling of Chelios. As per your request, the hatred of the aforementioned EuroTwins will be put on hold for the duration of the playoffs.

I DID see. I was really unhappy about that hit. I got a lot of shit for it.

DS said...

"I cannot believe Gary Roberts and Chris Chelios will be matching up in a Stanley Cup Final yet again."


I dunno, despite the fact that the Pens have an unbeaten Finals record against NFC Norris Division teams ;) and that I will undoubtedly cry if they lose and maybe even if they win, for these past 24 hours, I was just simply happy they were THERE, and feeling kind of Zen about whichever outcome. (Glad I'm not a player.)

(My god, this is the third year and third team for Conks to grow out his playoff beard. Danny Briere has nothing on the man. XD )