18 May 2008

Someone pinch me

Courtesy of Gettyimages.com


Go Pens.


k.m.stiles said...

I didn't get to see the end of the game. Did Crosby touch the trophy? He better not have!! Last year, as soon as Alfie put his grubby paws on that trophy my heart sank because I knew the Ducks were going to win the Cup.

Dwayne said...


If that makes you feel any better, they wouldn't even let it inside the dressing room. They also wouldn't touch the shirts and hats handed out.

DS said...

Personally, I think "Yzerman's Curse" is dumb as all-get-out, but I guess the '91 Pens were only able to appreciate the Wales Trophy because the franchise had never even been to the third ROUND before. It worked out fine.

Elly, you missed the picture of Max hugging Iceburgh (who did have a hat!)!

Kirsten said...

Someone needs to teach the Pens how to grow beards. Seriously.

Elly said...

k.m. stiles: Nope! I heard that all his teammates were warning him off beforehand. (Thanks, Dwayne! Didn't know about the shirts and hats)

ds: Man, '91 was definitely a big year! I saw that picture, it was adorable! I actually couldn't figure out the hat part of it until today, heh, but Talbot looked thrilled.

Kirsten: Hey, they're trying! Sid's got a respectable stubble now, although I think someone keeps shaving Malkin. Dup and Talbot are making up for the rest.