25 August 2007

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School starting and the busy details of trying to sleep and work two jobs have kept me from commenting on this, but I can't ignore it any longer.

Sidney has a clothing line.
The Star has a great take on it, too.

Yes, that's right (for the three people out there who haven't heard it), you can now wear something by Sidney Crosby in your own home. Is it a little ego-centric? Yes. Is it a little humorous? Yes. Cheesy as hell? You betcha. Would I buy a SC87 original? In a New York minute (provided it wasn't pink, glittery in anyway shape, or form, and did not have the 'I hear Sidney' on it, because really, gag me). A lot of people are mocking this, but really, have we not seen hockey players do this before? (ask me who makes that line and I'll hit you with a shovel)

However, some people have a good point: did he do his research? What is his market, is he trying to go for casual female fans (or puckbunnies) with his women's line, or is he going for the actual female hockey fan? If he's trying to market to the real lady fans, Sidney, I should slap your hand. There are fans that appreciate the pink, but by and far, most do not. I suppose I should just be happy that I didn't see too much done in glitter, but I would have expected a bit more from Mr. Crosby on this. Maybe I'm missing the point and this isn't for hockey fans at all, just for women who think, 'Hey, I've heard of this Sheldon Crosby guy, and he's hot! Maybe I will buy a shirt....', either way, tasteful clothing isn't too much to ask for, and I'm hoping for the best when you can browse catalogs online.

In other news, the there will be a Merry Christmas after all: The Pens and Buffaslugs will evidently play in the Ice Bowl on January 1st. Good news! Bad news? I can neither make reservations, check prices of hotels online, or even buy tickets. What the hell, NHL? Also, anyone know why I can't buy Leafs tickets online until December games?

Now for some completely random pictures:
-The Frozen Moment from a few days ago. I had it open on my browser, and really, any time you can see a Flyer go head over tea kettle into the opposing players' bench is a good one.
-Screaming Eagles era Flower. I miss the mullet.

Oh, and as an aside, someone over at (I think, forgive me if I'm wrong) HLOG said something about Alyssa Milano creating her own sports clothing line...without the Pink. I checked it out, and really, not bad at all, if a bit on the sexier side of sports (which isn't a bad thing, just not what a game is about, of any sport. I sort of hate her for being able to be hot enough to be her own model on everything. Sigh). The bad news is, she looks like an Yankees fan. Oh, much better.

24 days till preseason!


Ellie said...

i can't wait for new years :) I'm going to try to go to opening night this year as well now that i'm back in town.

i love how awarkward sid looks with those models - especially the girl in pink lol - "sidney crosby is a p.i.m.p" indeed!

Elly said...

Lucky! I'm going to hit up their preseason Bell Centre appearance, but I think I'm grounded by being a broke college student otherwise.

I know! Haha, poor guy. :)

Steph said...

Sigh, once again I more than likely miss out on outdoor hockey. Stupid east coast!

Meanwhile, Sherry and I saw a bunch of those Milano-created atrocities of the Jays variety this weekend - a good chunk of them weren't awful, but someone get her away from crystals and shiny hats.

Elly said...

Yeah, the shiny sort of burns the eyes a bit...

Heather B. said...

Ice Bowl! Ice Bowl! Ice Bowl!

Some people need to relax about this whole clothing line thing. It's kind of dumb and I hate the whole pink girly aspect, but I'm sure some of it will be nice. I kind of like that hoodie he's wearing in the picture with the models. Who are clearly and adorably making him uncomfortable.

Steph said...

Heather I agree - I mean as silly as the whole thing is, a lot of it isn't half bad, either! (And really, even if not, the squirmy Sid surrounded by models he is clearly petrified of is enough to make up for it, right?)