16 August 2007

Only a month left!

Until the preseason, at least. August certainly is the loneliest month for the hockey faithful.

Not much going on in the Land of Penguin, but they have set up a web cam at the site of the new arena for those of us outside the area that have nothing better to do than watch a fuzzy webcam of construction workers on break. Still, all snark aside, it's a nice touch for the fans that have been waiting a life time to see this bad boy come to completion.

In television news, OLNUSUS has announced their schedule and the Pens mark 8 times on it, 3 of which are against the Rangers. Can fans really not get enough of booing Jagr or do the execs just really like New York? NBC has put out a 'flexible' schedule for it's Sunday games, and from the article, it sounds like they'll pick from 4 games to show (how they choose, it doesn't say. Names in a hat? Shortest straw? Team closest to the salary cap?) and then broadcast that one as the so-called 'Game of the Week', while the rest will just be bumped back to their regional carriers. Super, so games of the Rangers, the Devils, and some random Western team will crush out Boston and Pittsburgh (although I have hopes for the Pens, thankyouverymuch Sidney Crosby for being cute, marketable, and a genius at hockey, not to mention the baby-faced squad around you). Thank god for NESN (although I could do without Hazel Mae).

It isn't often that I talk about the Rangers in any sort of light other than 'scathing', but this video struck me as sort of cute and rather interesting, mostly due to the second eldest Staal making an appearance. Also, poor Cherepanov, 'The Siberian Express'? He's fast and....cold?

EDIT: I found this little tidbit on TSN, Gretzky on K.Lowe: ``He's not doing anything against the system or behind the backs of anyone, and good for him.'' Interesting. Also, Gretzky spoke up in defense of Edmonton itself, since it's apparently now thought of as the retirement home for hockey players, or 'the Siberia of hockey for pro players'. Ouch. Does anyone remember the 2005-2006 season?

Also, Mike Ricci retired (yes, there's a picture). Not much to say on that except that any excuse for knob hockey is a good excuse in my book.


Dwayne said...

Elly, I might be able to record Pens games locally, transcode them, toss them on a DVD, and send them to you or something if you want. I'd volunteer to upload them, but I get like, 15bits of upload per decade with my ISP, so it'd take a while.

Elly said...

Oh, you are a sweetheart! I really (and I mean really) appreciate the offer, but I'm going in for Center Ice this year. I will not be without more Penguins! :)

Teebz said...

I need Centre Ice. Elly, can you set up a webcam on your TV so I can watch with you? :o)

Living in a hockey-mad, non-NHL market sucks.

Steph said...

Oooh Teebz, now there's an idea. I wonder if buying a webcam to send to Elly would be cheaper than getting Centre Ice myself.

Elly said...

Teebz: This will be my first year of having full access to the Pens, so I'm really excited. I'm used to living on whatever the local stations will give me, so it's going to be a treat! I am sadly webcam-less, though. :(

Steph: Ah, but just remember, you'll be getting the All-Pens station from me. :) And some Bruins, but...

Dwayne said...

No problem! I'll probably be doing it for a few other friends anyway, so it really wouldn't've been any extra work :D

I really can't wait for the season to start. I just broke out NHL 2k7 and started playing a season just to get *some* sort of hockey fix. It's alot like methadone instead of heroin, which is to say it -kind- of works, butttttttttttt not really at all.

Still, it's better than nothing.

Teebz said...

I may have to send you money to get a cam just to have you broadcast it over the web. I wonder if that breaks the broadcasting rights?

I may start doing something like this with Hockey Night In Canada. This might be the next wave of hockey bloggers uniting. :o)