07 August 2007

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin

It's coming, slowly but surely. Hockey is just around the corner! I encourage everyone to check out The Pensblog's countdown, which started at the number of 66. They've got some solid support for the Pens' fans in the summer (and are one of the only things keeping me from gnawing on my computer in frustration).

So what else are people doing to while away the long days of summer? Some of us are doing some reading (and making terrible comparisons while we're at it), but many of us are finding some fairly creative and entertaining ways to pass the hockey drought. NHL.com is going back over the 'memorable moments of 2006-2007' Recchi's 500th is on there, but I noticed that Mario's speech to announce the Penguins staying in Pittsburgh isn't on there (I'm not being biased, but that was a historic moment at the end of a historic struggle), or Jordan Staal's hat trick in Toronto to mark him as the youngest player to do so. Not memorable enough, NHL.com?

Blogs are also getting in on the action. IPB has a uplifting series they're calling 'Reasons We Love Hockey' (and a new theme. Looks good, ladies!). Hot Oil is putting on a 'Historical Hot Off', which even if you aren't an Oilers' fan, you should check it out. SportsSquee is trying to convert us all to football, and certain Capitals' blogs are recapping games (with a little help from google videos). HLOG has also gotten in on the fun with movie nights, which, while a little confusing at times, are a welcome break in all the trade talk and moving rumors.

The teams are also trying to make us happier in the off season by supplying us with news. The Pens won't have to take down their pinup calenders until 2010 when the new arena is ready. It's going to take 3-4 years, really? Well, hopefully there won't be any other helicopters falling through the roof in the meantime (yeah, it's old, yeah, it's over used, yeah, I don't care. Still a classic). It's a long time to wait, but as the article says, they want to do a good job, and do it the right way. I'm sure it will be appreciated in the long run. Another interesting facet of the arena deal is the effect it's having on the community and residents. It sounds like the Pens and Co. are truly trying to work with people and make everyone happy and behind the project (as any sane company would, even though you can't make everyone happy) so as not to repeat the dissatisfaction that came from the original Civic Arena deal 40 years ago. New jobs and a grocery store are small things to ask in the grand scheme of things...right?

In other news, the Nashville Predators are staying in Nashville
...for the time being, anyhow. Congrats, Nashville! Now stop throwing catfish, you weridos. I'd like to try to see them haul these babies over the side of the glass. What would they have thrown in Hamilton...blackberries?

Is it me, or does this man look to be in serious pain? Maybe indigestion? Surprise? The 'you've gotta be kidding me' look when he realized who he got drafted by?

Yeah, that's about all I've got. Oh, except plans to go and see the Pens up at the Bell Centre for their second preseason game. Maybe I'll get lucky enough to sit next to another Penguins' fan in a Fleury jersey like last time...even if they didn't speak a word of English.

EDIT: For some random baseball news (to celebrate a wonderful 13th inning comeback by the A's over the Rangers last night, thank you, Piazza. Seriously, how do you blow a lead like that, coming off a grand slam and a home run?), I feel the need to share a bit of girliness and show the world that Philadelphia does indeed have something going for it: a one Mr. Cole Hamels. Good job on snapping that up, Philly. A talented rookie with a great arm...and a great everything else, too. Maybe it's the hockey hair, but it's nice to know that the home of the Flyers can produce something that pretty.

Just for shits and giggles, have some old-time LeClair. I still hear people claiming to have played in juniors and high school with him. Where are you now, John?

Go Pens.


Anonymous said...

How could you forget today is Sid's birthday?
Bad Pens Fan. Bad. No Biscuit!

Steph said...

Jordan Staal's hat trick in Toronto to mark him as the youngest player to do so. Not memorable enough, NHL.com?

Still. Makes me. Giggle. Every. Time.

(yeah, it's old, yeah, it's over used, yeah, I don't care. Still a classic)

Oh my god some terrible kickboxing Van Damme movie was on tv last night and it made me want to sit and watch Sudden Death again so bad. SO bad.

And Cole Hamels does not beat my young, spry (okay, maybe gawky is a better word) Andrew Miller. (Though, he may give Lupes a run for his money in Philly.)

Now come back, you, before I leave you eighteen pages of comments.

Elly said...

Ack! I did forget to mention Sidney's venture out of teenagedom! I'm a horrible fan. Horrrrrible.

Steph: Ahaha, I know...oh man, I know.

Oh! It must have been Bloodsport. Yeah, I watch too much Van Damme.

Hamels is great! Now please don't ever make me say that about anything from Philly again.

Steph said...

Oh! It must have been Bloodsport. Yeah, I watch too much Van Damme.

It was. It made me ridiculously happy. (I might have a mild weakness for stupid Van Damme movies. Just a little.)

Not even Gator? :( (Though you could maybe make the argument that he's just an Edmontonian ex-pat or something :P I'd buy it.)