30 July 2007

And the offseason gets darker still.

Once upon a time, the Edmonton Oilers had a puck-moving defenseman, a gritty workhorse captain, a heart and soul guy, and a blonde-haired, blue-eyed sweetheart of a goalie with his leetle goalie mask who bent over backward to give them a chance in the Stanley Cup Playoffs 06.

It took less than two years to tear that team apart.

Chris Pronger is a Duck.
Ryan Smyth a Colorado Avalanche.
Jason Smith is in Philadelphia.
And this afternoon, Jussi Markkanen signs with Finnish team Jokerit. (Look at him still wearing his Oilers helmet - you can tell me it's only because he obviously hasn't gotten time to get a new one made, but you can't say it's anything but depressing.)

Makes you wonder what would have happened if they'd won.


KMS2 said...

Seems like Pronger still would have left. Not sure about Smyth...the organization still could have decided not to match his offer. Who knows. But it is a shame how hard and quick they fell.

Steph said...

Yeah...for all we know it could have ended up exactly the same, but it's still makes me wonder. I can't imagine winning would have kept Pronger there considering how he left, but maybe the contracts would have gone through a little different.

Tracy said...

Holy hell... I've been missing in this crazy blog-o-sphere. Honestly? I hadn't even heard about this yet. Steph, you're hired to text me with these monumental updates!! Do your job... don't leave me hanging out and looking dumb. Eeek!

This is (was?) a sad, cheerless day... okay, so I stole that from the 3rd Bring It On movie... but I love that dumb girl and she's just so sad when she says it.

Steph said...

HAHA Tracy, quoting Bring It On (especially the THIRD one - wtf there are THREE?) is exactly what this blog needs right about now. And I'm sorry! I heard from Bethany! I assumed she'd texted you too or something! (And uh, after I sent thing to her, Elly, and Jordi, I kinda forgot who I had and hadn't informed.) At any rate THIS WAS DEFINITELY SAD ENOUGH TO DESERVE THAT QUOTE! Jussi :(

Jordi said...

Let's hope is kids scream that they don't want to leave E-town.

Elly said...

I think a scream of 'JUSSSSSSSI!' along the same lines of 'TAKEDAAAA!' and 'TETSUOOOOO!' is appropriate here.

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