19 July 2007

Someone tell me...

Well, we're about a third of the way through the misery that is the offseason, and we're all still alive so far (I think). Posting has been lax thanks to, well, not a lot happening. In fact, such little has happened that we've banded together for mass viewing sessions of The Cutting Edge in hopes that maybe we can the crazy that's setting in with as quiet as the hockey world has been these past few days. Which brings to mind a few questions:

  • Who will sign Jussi Markkanen? And why haven't they yet? Are the hockey gods still mad at me? And for that matter, what of Ty Conklin?
  • Is the new guy in Edmonton brave enough to wear #44?
  • Will Darcy Tucker quit hockey for the more(?) lucrative acting profession? (And at the very least, will his appearance in Little Mosque on the Prairie make me as happy as I'm expecting it to?)
  • Do Avs fans do these things just for us Wings fans' benefits?
  • Will my favorite little Tiger pitcher Andrew Miller learn to throw something other than a fastball? And will my inane love of him continue? On the topic of baseball, how awesome is Magglio Ordonez?
  • Do any of these questions really have anything to do with hockey?
And most importantly, is it October yet? Or at least September?


CapsChick said...

You mean make you go online and purchase the actual CD? I would never! I will totally supply you with the soundtrack...somehow. We'll figure something out. It's so good, it's meant to be shared. :)

Steph said...

As if we needed proof that it is amazing, it's going for more than the movie itself (well, unless you really do want the gold medal edition) on amazon. Now that is quality!

Stoosh said...

Ask and you shall receive, and you shall receive courtesy of Pittsburgh!

As if Ray Shero couldn't put on any more of an offseason clinic than he already has, the Pens signed none other than Ty Conklin today!

I, for one, was scared to death of Dany Sabourin having the inside track to the 15 starts that Marc-Andre Fleury's backup will get here this coming season, so I'm happy to see Conklin in the fold here in Pittsburgh.

Saboo became a bit of a cult hero here in 2005-06. MAF struggled that year while Saboo was setting the AHL on fire in Wilkes-Barre, so some idiot Pens fans began giving up on Fleury as the franchise goaltender and tried to rationalize sending Fleury down or even trading him in lieu of Sabourin.

Saboo finally received a call up and promptly ended all "franchise player" speculation by pretty much pooping the bed during his one period of action against Columbus (gave up four goals on 10 shots and a better impression of a deer in headlights hasn't been seen since the Flyers played the Red Wings in the 96-97 Cup Finals).

Steph said...

Okay, this news just blew me away - I somehow missed it all afternoon long despite people apparently having been talking about it without me.

I'm glad he's found a home that I can even support (though aww, I wanted to see him back here in the west). But I'm really curious, now, what the Pens plan to do having both him and Sabourin around. I don't know much about Sabourin other than that he held up all right for Luongo during that crazy game last playoffs, and what you just mentioned here, so I can't speculate at all (nor do I know anything about the WBS goalie situation), but I really hope poor Conks gets at least a little chance to redeem himself rather than spending the whole season down in the AHL or something.

Thanks for the update - one less question to be answered now!

Stoosh said...


They just announced it right around 1:00 or so, so you didn't miss it by much.

I'm not sure what happens from here, but I'm hoping Conklin makes it in Pittsburgh.

Maybe I've just never been a big Sabourin fan.

Or maybe it's because I'm still bitter at that relatively-small but fairly-ignorant bunch of Pens fans who couldn't wait to hurl themselves off the Marc-Andre Fleury bandwagon two seasons ago when MAF was struggling, all because Sabourin was putting up good numbers in the AHL. Some people just wouldn't know a franchise goalie if one walked up to them on the street and kicked them in the groin. As much as I love the Pens, part of me was giggling my ass off watching him flail around during his 20 minutes of fame in Columbus two years ago.

Another reason...I believe whichever one goes down has to clear waivers, and I have a feeling Conks would have a tougher time clearing waivers.

The Pens also just signed former Univ. of Notre Dame goalie David Brown and he'll likely be splitting time with Mystery Goalie #2 in Wilkes-Barre. Again, I'd much rather see that be Sabourin.

Elly said...

Stoosh: You didn't like Sabourin either? I had my issues with Fleury, but Sabourin I just never warmed to. Yes, he had a super AHL record, but I can only hope some time in Vancouver helped him get his game up.

Of course, I will be more than happy to eat my words if he does well as a backup to Fleur. That's the great thing about hockey: as long as the boys are doing well, I don't mind being wrong! :)

Tracy said...

After all the hoopla, I want the soundtrack too... don't tell but I'm getting illegal with it right now and downloading... haha! Steph, I'll call and leave you a voicemail of one of the songs... enough to make you smile? Lol!

Steph said...

Tracy...you would be pretty much my hero forever. I love you! I would love you even more!