17 July 2007

Midsummer blues

I found myself with, gasp!, free time this morning since my work called to switch me to a long closing shift in surgery and I thought, hey, why not update the blog! It's been a while since I've been able to give it some Penguins-oriented love.

-Therrien signed a contract extension yesterday to keep him around for another year. I was worried that the Pens might go the way of Boston. (how many coaches is that now? 3 in the last two years?)
-Old news, but Sidney is around for 5 (six if you count this upcoming season) more seasons. I think, 'thank you, merciful god' sums that up. Either that or 'yippie!'. I'm okay with either.
-Talbot and Armstrong are back for two more years and Wilkes-Barre has been bulking up a bit as well. I don't know much about them, but it's always interesting to watch people develop.
-Another signing of note is Petr Sykora, formerly of Edmonton (we'll forget that little patch in New Jersey...and Anaheim...and with the Rangers...hell, let's just forget everything up until the Oil, shall we?), who had some good production in the first half of the season, falling slightly off in the end. I'd point that out as something of note, but really, check out Edmonton's last twenty games or so. Recchi-Crosby-Sykora?
-Not a lot of discussion on signing Fleury early or not. He's improved dramatically last season, but can still be shaky. Are they waiting to see how he comes out this season?

Well, work calls, but there isn't much more on the Pens front (backup goalie switching, but I can't remember the stats on Sabourin at the moment). The season is coming closer and closer every minute! Preseason starts on the 17th of September with a double visit to the Bell Centre in Montreal. So close...maybe they'll have cheap tickets?

Go Pens!


Steph said...

Oh Sykora. Ales misses you already.


Elly said...

Sorry! They needed a winger!

Steph said...

I know another team that doesn't need one of those or anything...

Dwayne said...

We can hook you up with a few centers, if you want. We only have about 15 dozen first round centers at the moment . . .