23 July 2007

Signs it's Been the Offseason for Too Long: #1

The Detroit News, lacking any actual Red Wings news, as management is content with the current roster, has so little to report that they instead treat their readers to an article, photo gallery, and even audio that is essentially what Chris Chelios does on his summer vacation.

Paddle surfing: It isn't better, just different, Cheli says.

I encourage anyone interested in Cheli's surfing, biking, and uh, sitting at a friends' place on the ocean to check it all twenty three, yes, you heard me right twenty three, images. When does hockey come back, again? Those who like to rag on his age will find great material - personally I love the 74 year old workout partner.

I just wonder if the News realizes we have a perfectly lovely pair of pair of soccer playing Eurotwins who photograph a little better that they could be capturing the summer activities of. If only.

Meanwhile I just bumped down a great post of Elly's that has been killing me all afternoon, so make sure you check that out as well.

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