29 July 2007

Well scratch my back with a hacksaw!

That's right, folks, Mr. Mike Lange is back for another year covering the Penguins on the radio. Who says video killed the radio star?

Not much else going on in the Penguins world (aside from the now infamous Staalgate, which really, they should just be ashamed of. I mean, none of us ever did anything like that when we were young, and I know that we just all waited until we were 21 to drink, and then we always kept within the limits. Right. Really, they should be hanging their heads that they were caught. Didn't they have any practice with backwoods parties in Ontario?), and the newest scandal is Kevin Lowe's 'desperate and tasteless' push to snag Anaheim Duck Dustin Penner. That K.Lowe is being a douche is nothing new, just ask an Edmonton fan, but really, does it warrent all this attention and negativity? Sure, it wasn't exactly the most classy thing to do, but it wasn't technically illegal, either. Sort of like letting a big heavy door slam in the face of a pregnant woman in a wheelchair with a broken leg.

So who thinks that the Staal brothers will have a bet going on during the first game of the season? Any guesses on what they'll bet? (If you say gatorade, you have no imagination)

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Ellie said...

i was so relieved to see mike sign on for another year. it just wouldn't be the same without him!