27 July 2007

Blogroll! (Because sometimes we like to think we have readers.)

Having forgone (forwent?) sleeping at a reasonable hour yet again, I have spent the past while cleaning up our blogroll (after being inspired to do so by my favorite IPBers), adding some of our newer finds, editing links (because people like Jordi can't stay in one place), etc. I doubt I'm done yet, but before I spend any more of time that should really be devoted to sleep on making things pretty, I figured I might as well make sure I've got everything covered.

So, if there is anyone out there reading who would like their blog added to our blogroll, or if there's someone you know we're missing, or hell, just someone you think we should check out, now is the time to let us now! Leave us a comment here and we'll get right on it!

(Oh and uh, which is the bigger scandal of the day, Comrie/Duff or Lowe/Pennersquee?)


Elly said...

Thank you thank you for putting Empty Netters up there. I'm horrible at keeping up with that stuff.

Anonymous said...


Here's my URL if you'd like to add me: http://sillyhockey.blogspot.com/ I'm going to be adding more links to my blog and will add you in return. ;)

I'd have to say the Lowe/Penner scandal, but only because Kevin Lowe is from Mars. :P

Anonymous said...

Btw, thanks in advance!

Here's an explanation about Lowe:

Kevin Lowe: My Favorite Martian