25 July 2007

I've got it!

While doing the morning blogroll, I came across a lovely picture on Capschick's blog (which was from a link to On Frozen Blog), of Ovechkin sporting the new Capitals logo on a spiffy red shirt in the picture on the left. He looked so stern, so manly, so taciturn and just so....Russian that in my coffee deprived state it made me think, my goodness, he looks just like someone else....but who?

Well, it dawned on me finally that he looks just like another foreign prodigy in sports (if he frowned a bit more), if not exactly in hockey. I'm sure that Capschick will be thrilled that her post sparked that particular epiphany.

Where does that leave poor Malkin? Out at the library, I think. (Sorry Geno!)

EDIT: While searching for Krum pictures, I found this. Hmm.


CapsChick said...

I don't usually laugh at much in the morning, but that one cracked me up! Oh, Ovechkrum. :D

(Who knew Malkin looked so good in pink? I think the Pens need to give him one of those horrid pink jerseys to wear...)

Shmee said...

Since I think Krum is yummy, this Caps fan does not object!

Steph said...

CC, Ovechkrum just made me snort coffee.

Also, I don't think anyone will ever (or for that matter should ever) realize the extent of pain that imagining any hockey player in one of those pink jerseys causes me and Elly.

Elly said...

CC: Ahaha, Ovechkrum. I was trying to think up something snappy, but the brain was not cooperating. Thank you!

(Since I think that those should be burned, I can't agree....although I'm sure that he would look fabulous in whatever he decided to play in.)

Shmee: Krum in the movie gets two thumbs up from me!

Steph: Ahh, thank you for reminding me of that pain. I didn't even think of the Pink...and now it burnssss.