24 April 2008

"I'm Not a Puck Bunny" Podcast

For those of you who haven't heard it yet, Finny at Girl With a Puck and Connie of A Queen Among Kings put together a podcast called "I'm Not a Puck Bunny" every week. During this playoff season they've opened it up from their respective California teams and have been inviting guests on to speak about their own teams' performances. This week I joined them along with Cat from Untypical Girls to discuss current league news, this past round of the playoffs and make predictions for the next.

You can check the podcast out at imnotapuckbunny.podbean.com, if you're interested (and you should be!). Thanks ladies, for having me on - it was a great time, and I look forward to coming back if we make it through this round.

(I also want to correct a couple mistakes I noticed, listening to it again - first of all I was remiss in not mentioning Johan Franzen when Connie asked me who our clutch performers from Round 1 were - his OT breakaway goal that won game 5 for us was one of the hugest moments of the Wings' playoffs so far. Second, at the end I slipped up and mentioned seeing Ryan Smyth at a Dallas/Detroit game - obviously I meant Colorado. I also jump the gun on Nick Lidstrom's birthday - he won't be 38 until Monday! You didn't think I'd get through this whole thing without a couple grievous errors, did you?)


CKim said...

Thanks so much for coming on and hanging out with us!

You know, I DID catch that Ryan Smyth comment but I didn't say anything since we were already moving onto another topic. =P

A hug.

My god, Hank is on my TV. *drooool*

Kirsten said...

KMS2 has the octopus petition up on her blog. Just in case you didn't see!

Steph said...

No problem, it was a ton of fun!

After tonight I'm a little less excited about going to see him - holy crap was he ever tearing it up out there, I was scared every time he touched the puck.

Mmmmmm Hank (I still crack up every time I hear our Greek God comment by the way)... He kept missing the net tonight, poor guy!

A hug! (That's never stopping.)