26 April 2008

My heart weeps

Angel...how could you.

That's right, Buffy fans/teenage girls, he's a Flyers fan. Well, that explains why he lost his soul in the first place.


Has anyone been counting the number of times Penguins players have said, 'Well, we played the way we wanted to, and even though we were down a couple of goals, we just keep going and trying, knowing that we're never out of a game,' and then find them winning?


Go Pens.


Rachel said...

Gooooo Rangers. I dislike the Penguins. But I like you guys!

CKim said...

Aww, I LOVED Angel on Buffy. And I LOVED Seth Green on that show too. Oz was so cool to me. *sigh*

Kirsten said...

I love him in Bones, it's a great, great show. My roommate thinks he's really hot.

Elly said...

Rachel: You're breaking my heart here! But thanks for the support, lol.

Ckim: I loved Buffy, hehe. I missed the last couple of seasons, though.

Kirsten: I haven't seen that show, is it good?

Kirsten said...

Bones is a really good show. It has a lot of cool/random shit that happens. It's like CSI only funnier.

Tracy said...

Can you hear my heart breaking over this? Because it totally is... here I had a 'thing' for him and everything. Ick.