15 April 2008

Wings in 5? (Preds 5, Wings 3)

The Wings lost their first post-season game yesterday after leading first 2-0 and then 3-2 - unfortunate, yes, a late heartbreaker, yes, the reason I ordered a fourth beer, yes, but not the end of the world. I caught the game at a bar, so I missed most of the audio and was torn between the Wings and the Tigers (who mounted a great comeback win over the Twins - sorry Kirsten!) and thus don't have a lot of really intelligent commentary. The Wings didn't look spectacular but they didn't look horrid either - Nashville is getting a habit of scoring goals in quick succession against us, which really needs to be stopped, but getting past that, the boys are still managing to score. With luck they'll be hit withe some real urgency again before the game tomorrow night and can bring the series back to 3-1.

Here's what some others have to say:

Christy @ Behind the Jersey: You have to hand it to Nashville for continuing to come back and we finally saw some offensive production from the likes of Jason Arnott and David Legwand returned to the line-up. The crowd at the Sommet Center certainly was a factor in giving the team a much needed boost after their two key goals so you have to hand it to the fans as well. The series is on and let’s just hope the Wings come back Wednesday to take a 3-1 series lead before heading home.

Matt @ On the Wings: The Red Wings team that I saw in that period and a half was not the same one that won Games 1 and 2. They couldn’t pass efficiently, they made stupid decisions on attempted hits, and they looked frazzled. This experienced group let the crowd noise and Nashville’s exuberance put them off their game.
So okay, the Predators take one - the chance for a sweep is over but hey, most of us have been saying five anyway, right? Right.

Of course, does anyone else think the Predators are getting a little bit ahead of themselves with this nonsense? "The best moment in Preds franchise history"? "You have to wonder if this was a reversal of fortune where the direction of a series was changed in nine seconds"? Nobody's saying Nashville has absolutely no shot - but that's a far cry from a reversal of fortune that's all but handing Nashville the series.

And enough with the catfish.

The puck drop for Game 4 9:00 tomorrow night at the Sommet Center - GO WINGS!

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