14 September 2007

I might start singing

Around this time last year a friend of mine starting singing. What was he singing? 'It's the most wonderful time of the year'. Why was he treating all of our delicate ears to this? Because this is the only time of year when you can watch baseball, football, and hockey. That's right kids, preseason opens in less than five days and the Pens' camp opens today. Whoo hoo!

Anyone else think this is an intense look?

Another article about how the NHL is going to announce that the Pens will play the Slugs on January 1st. Just announce the damn thing already!

Exciting times. Now I'm out for a fun-filled weekend in DC! I hope the Capitals practice is a good one.


Britannia said...

We need to bust it and do the Pens open practice in the next week to make up for the INTENSE AMOUNT OF CAPSNESS.

Elly said...

Omg seriously. So glad to see you. :)