19 September 2007

I think it's 17 now?

17 days until the season opens. I can hardly believe it.

Despite the fact that I should have been at the preseason game in Montreal last night, it was good to listen to some hockey on the radio (even if the Habs announcers got to be a little irritating towards the end of the second). Here are some thoughts from last night's romp:

-I like the Christensen-Malkin-Sykora combo. Apparently, so does Malkin, as he was flying like a man possessed last night. He fell a little flat at the end of last year, so hopefully the off season in Russia and the training camp he went to will give him a bit of extra energy this season (although if last season was his 'flat' season, I can't wait to see what a full blow out one will be like).

-Sykora, who according to the Pens site, is happy to be playing in Pennsylvania (and not for that other team), also made a hole in one during the golf outing a week ago. Too bad there was no one to clothesline.

-No Sidney last night, and I was surprised that the Montreal announcers didn't mention him until I was listening for about 40 minutes. A purposeful snub or are they just realizing that there are some other fantastic players on the team? Also, Sabourin did fairly well in goal, but Halak was switched with Price later on.

A few quick links in other news:

-A Pittsburgh couple has started up a sports travel agency for Pittsburgh fans of all sports.

-Ice Bowl tickets sold out in less than 30 minutes. Well, you can always get a pair of binoculars and buy a seat off of stubhub for 200 big ones.

-Speaking of the Chilly Willy Bowl, both Fleury and Crosby said they've never played a 'meaningful game' outside. I'm sure all the back yard rinks in Canada were warm and temperate.

-Chris Thorburn seems to have found a home in Atlanta.

-Leafs TV is broadcasting all of the preseason games for the Leafs. Lucky bastards.

-No new roster photos for the Oilers yet. Hopefully they won't be as bad as last year's.

This past weekend was quite a bit of fun, and although it wasn't the Penguins practicing, it was a good time watching the Capitals and the Baby Caps run through their drills and puck moving. I won't do a recap, as many others have already, but here are just a few randomly selected thoughts on the 2007-2008 Capitals' team.

-Chances of winning a Cup would be much improved if their star players practiced more. I saw Ovechkin about 20 minutes total.

-Their backup goalie from Hershey (Kris Mayonette?) was right on target. One of their other rookies, who I dubbed 'Fluffy' (Jay Beagle), was really rather good and quite a joy to watch skate. I noticed him on the first day because he was the only one in his group to stop and control a pass, which says something (although the rest improved after a little while, don't come down hating on me, Caps fans). He moved and hussled a lot like some other center I've seen before, even if he looked like a long-lost Staal brother.

-There was a man who looked like Malkin, and it was very disconcerting to watch him skate around in a Capitals jersey.

Go Pens!


Steph said...

Sykora :(

Nice to see him performing well but...who's he going to pounce, Sidney? I understand he's got curls too, but totally not the right nationality!

Teka said...


Who has become my new completely unhealthy goalie obsession. They've even compared him to Bryz....

Elly said...

Steph: Well, if he and Geno keep having excellent timing, maybe Malkin?

Teka: Aww, good for the little goalie! (I say 'little' when he's probably double my size and could stuff me inside a net)

Teebz said...

You know, if I didn't live in this frozen wasteland with no NHL team for a minimum 8 hour drive, I'd be in dreamland.

I'll have to continue to live vicariously through other hockey bloggers and their training camps. :o(

In other news, the HLOG conference looked fun! Glad to hear you all had a great time!

Teka said...

Yes, well, referring to him as "BebbeGoalie" is probably unhealthy as well, seeing as how he's two years older than me.

Steph said...

Teebz, hey, at least you're up there in Canada...but ouch, eight hours? Painful. We'll make sure to drink extra so you can live not only vicariously, but with a little kick :P

Teka, I refer to Andrew Miller as my baby pitcher when he's a year older than me, and Ladislav Smid as "little Smiddy" when in fact he is an entire foot taller than me, so I'm going to go right ahead and say we're all fine.

Ellie said...

ok so how's this for a small world: the couple that has the sports travel agency are my landlords haha!

god I can't wait til oct. 5th!! :)

Teka said...

It's wrong how much I love this guy too.

Mikael said...

I caught a tiny bit of Leafs TV coverage tonight. ...The background music was better suited for an ending fight scene in Gladiator, or when (insert male actor here) was trying to save the world in that movie that came out that one summer. Too melodramatic. (We Ontario boys have a rough life, I know.)

Elly said...

Teebz: Aww, well, if it makes you feel any better, I had to travel 15 and a half hours to get there? (The conference was a blast, though! Those ladies know how to have a good time)

Teka: Ah, well, I'm just going to stick with the fact that I'm probably older than all of them, if not by much, and hope that works. :) (And nice shiner, Army!)

Ellie: Ahaha, that's awesome! Tell them they should make trips for displaced Pittsburgh fans wanting to come IN for a game! With student rates.

Mikael: Ahaha, well, maybe the Ontarian men are trying to save the world through the Maple Leafs? I know a few people from the GTA that would say that. :)

Teebz said...

I make up for my lack of local NHL action with an AHL team. However, training camp doesn't have the same. If I were 15 and a half hours from a party like you guys had, I'd be all over it like white on rice. :o)

Elly said...

Teebz: Ah man, you say that now, but wait till you have to spend it on a train next to the hippie version of the Brady Bunch. They had group knitting projects...and MATH HOMEWORK! It was terrifying.

(Actually, the ride wouldn't have been bad if it wasn't for that the train broke down...in Philly)

Teka said...

Fluffy was avoiding me, I swear. He made eye contact and then stayed firmly BEHIND the seam in the glass for the rest of the practice. You can see him behind the seam in the glass in any of hte new images of the group listening to the chalk talk.

(He's also in grey, search as you will)

Elly said...

Awww, we scarred him for life. Poor guy! I'll have to go back and search for him, see what I can dig up. I'll just look for fluff sticking out the back of his helmet.