26 September 2007

Lest the new uniforms be outdone in terms of ugly...

About a month back I commented on the Wings' hideous new site design (to match their hideous new "Fire on Ice" slogan). Since I never took a screencap of it, you'll have to live with my description of it as a wallpaper sized red square (they couldn't even be bothered to learn enough html so that on my widescreen it wasn't surrounded by excess white) with some really awful looking jagged "flames" on it. In fact my exact words were something like "does this look to anyone else like you're viewing it on a monitor that can't display enough colors for the picture?"

Around the same time, Kukla's was running a contest to “replace the Fire On Ice graphic because it truly resembles the work of a fourth grade girl experimenting with pastels and cute little hockey icons".

Well, despite our fervent pleas, they never did bother to learn about the beauty of anti-aliasing. What they did do, however, was turn what could be a respectable website splash page into a thirteen year old kid who just got his own geocities account's wet dream:

Make sure your speakers are on.


Kirsten said...

Really Red Wings? Really? Now I know why Shanny bailed. He knew this was coming.

It's not quite Chelios ugly anymore, it's now more like Hasek ugly.

Interchangeable Parts said...

I spent last night ranting about how awful the Devils website is, but... I realize now how good we have it. Thanks, Detroit!

Steph said...

Kirsten: If I'd known this were coming, maybe I would have thrown all in with Edmonton after all. I mean...ouch. At least Hasek's got the Czech facto, I suppose.

IPB: When I saw the Devils splash page I went "Ohmygod! That's BEAUTIFUL! I'm so jealous!". That is a testament to how really seriously BAD the Wings' page is.