21 September 2007

Times I wish I had $2000

That's right, boys and girls. In Edmonton, goalies fly.

Just another reason to want to be a Pittsburgh Penguin Season Ticket Holder. The Post-Gazette has a few nice words on what looked to be a fun night, but the biggest hit is a great video by the gentlemen over at EmptyNetters. The Sidney Crosby Show has a great recap of it as well. The video was great to watch, and hearing a couple thousand fans cheer 'Lets Go Pens' in Mellon gave me goosebumps. It's always fun to see the players come out just as people and talk, especially Armstrong and Talbot, and feel that they really want to be in Pittsburgh, playing for this team, and talking to these fans. They were all great for the camera, Sidney seemed a bit more relaxed than usual, Army was his usual funny self, Fleury was a riot with his answers and his shy demeanor, and just about anyone with a Boston accent gets a nod from me. Did anyone else notice that Staal is about a head taller than everyone else? Was the arrangement from tallest (Staal) to shortest (Crosby) purposeful or just how it went?

In other parts of the NHL, the Bruins have their season preview out. They'll be worth a watch just to see what the offseason and a fresh start does for their club and moral. Even if you aren't a fan of the B's, following Thomas and Fernandez battle for the top spot will be an interesting clash. I also can't wait to see how Bergeron does this season and if Savard will be able to sneak up into the 100 points range again. Chara, who says he'll 'be better' this season (with no reason why, just that he will. No notes from offseason?) after 11 goals and 43 points in 2006-2007, has a good baseline to go from...but his actual play left something to be desired. If he wasn't so freaking huge, he'd have a lot more issues to work out in his technique, but his size compensates for a lot. Hopefully he's right, he'll be better, and the blueline will click a bit better than it did last year. If Bergeron can remain unbroken he'll put on a decent show this season, and with Sturm and the Bruins newcomer Bochenski beside him, that line will hopefully flourish again (I sound like I'm talking about watering a garden. Ha! Garden...eh, it's early and I haven't had coffee, what do you want here?). The Bruins aren't my first team, so Bruins fans out there...any thoughts? How do you think your team will do? Playoffs in question or a year or two away?

And now from the Western Conference, the Oilers are still captain-less, but apparently not without leadership. Of course, if Ethan Moreau was leading, I'd follow. I'm happy to see him back and playing, even if it's the preseason. Welcome back! (please don't break yourself trying to punch someone, okay?)


Dwayne said...

Sykora has gotten 2 hat tricks in 2 games in NHL 08. He's the only one on the Pens I can score consistently with. Crosby has had assists on every one of his goals, as well, plus a pair of his own.

I still haven't won a game, though. :(

The nice thing is my girlfriend *loves* to watch me play. Not because she likes watching other people play video games, but she is having a *real* rough time waiting for hockey season to start. Maybe not as bad as I am (I keep having dreams about playing on the 4th line for the pens and killing Sean Avery with my bare hands and the crowd going wild), but bad enough that she'll stop *everything* else she's doing just to watch the faux Pens hit the ice.

Shmee said...

Just the fact that I read that entire Pens post is a testament to my love for you and Steph.

Steph said...

Wrong goalie :(

Elly said...

Dwayne: Nice! How is NHL 08? It looks so shiny...

I'd laugh about your girl wanting to sit and watch the game...but I'd do the same thing. In fact, I'd probably dive for the second controller and start trying to beat the crap out of my man with the team of choice (which, obviously, would be the Pens. He can get some other team).

Shmee: Awww! That gives me warm fuzzies, you know, just thinking that you would suffer through that much Penguins for us. I hope it didn't hurt too much?

Steph: If that was Roli, the picture wouldn't be of a goalie flying -over- the other man, it'd be of a goalie flying -at- the other man. Most likely with a pitchfork.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I think Armstrong's happy to be playing, as he always seems to talk about how much he could improve when you get him to be serious. For all of the 5 seconds it lasts.

Also, on youtube you can find more of it... the best one (says Army's Biggest Fan is the third one where Army dances, and they get Sid to admit to liking Briere and Ovie.)

Steph said...

I was thinking wrong backup goalie, actually. In which case it wouldn't be goalie flying over the other man so much as goalie bear-hugging someone into the net.

Teebz said...

NHL 08 is alright... nothing spectacular, but it has lots of bells and whistles. :o)

Oh, and why haven't they signed Cujo yet?!?

Elly said...

Teka: Yeah, he does seem happy just to be playing, which really, I would be too. Speaking of Army...what the heck did he do to his hair in the offseason?

Steph: Jussi...sigh.

Teebz: Ahh, sometimes not a bad thing, as long as the AI and the controls are well done.

I'm not sure! I gotta say, though, I was pleasantly surprised by Sabourin in net...maybe a few years has helped him?

Steph said...

Well they don't need Cujo. They have Ty Conklin :D

Anonymous said...

I'm convinced that Army either
a: got attacked by a weedwhacker
b: was held up by Bettman at gunpoint and had to sacrifice his hair for the good of all hockeykind
c: Did this. Because that just looks like a bad haircut waiting to happen.

Teebz said...

Steph, in response to your comment, they should sign BOTH Cujo and Belfour.

Cujo can work with Fleury and Sabourin while Conklin and Belfour can reminisce about their glory days. :o)

Jordi said...

I'll be honest with you here. Even though they love Moreau's devilishly handsome looks - my Staios campaign MUST win.

Dwayne said...


I super dig 08. I hated 07 and thought 2k7 was much better, but it's the exact opposite now. I really get into the game, and I love the fact that is so much more difficult to score a goal. No more 27-0 15m 2k7 games. Now I'm down to 1-0 nailbiters. I'm unable to just check someone off the puck every single moment, so I have to play *much* more responsible D. I still take a lot of risks and like to pinch and step up a Dman in our zone at the blueline to lay a thundering check on opposing forwards, but sometimes this doesn't pan out and I'm forced to defend a 3-on-1 with one defenseman and the goalie. Sometimes this comes back to haunt me. Sometimes I score immediately after the turnover. It depends.

I really, really enjoy the game. I woke up at 5am on Saturday just to sneak a game in before going back to bed.

In any event, I dig playing. I'm not really a fan of playing against people I know; invariably someone gets pissed at me and it just causes trouble. It's better for me and my friendships/relationships to focus on cooperative experiences. I was *hoping* that the significant other would play NHL 08 with me, but she won't even touch the controller when I'm playing it. Maybe she knows I take it entirely too seriously and isn't interested in hearing me yell "no, no! NO! OFFSIDES! STILL OFFSIDES! STILL. FREAKING. OFF. SIDES. gahhhhhhhhhhh!" So I don't blame her. But the fact that she *watches*, which she will -never- do for any other game (because she's generally not insane, nor that easy to amuse) absolutely shocks me. Clearly the game is close enough, tricky enough, and looks good enough to act as a temporary fix for hockey season. All the same, I can't wait for the puck to drop. I think I'm starting to get the shakes >.<