17 December 2007

A Day in the Capital City (See what I did there?)

Tonight The Wings play the Washington Capitals for the first time since December 9th, 2005, a game they won 4-3.

I'm spending the afternoon trekking around Detroit, but watch this space for a game recap when I get home - until then, check out Matt's game preview at On the Wings for the Detroit perspective, and CapsChick's terribly offensive "Chelios is Old" post over at A View from the Cheap Seats - look at those Caps bloggers and their lack of respect. I thought we were friends, CC, I thought we were friends.

I am totally kidding, everyone. (And on that note, don't forget to check out Elly's post right below this one - I hate to bump her well thought out response to a current issue off the main spot so quickly.)

PS: This is still going on and Hemsky needs your vote. Do it for me?

PPS: Please always, always come to us for your (and let's face it, it's there) "Getzlaf bald spot" needs. (Why am I still here?)


Finny said...

hey. don't hate the balding. I think it's called discrimination somewhere... and I *like* Getzzy... despite the balding. Probably why he keeps the hat on... anyway, tip: he's November's HotM... (post goes up tomorrow)

Elly said...

Steph, do I have to start pimping the Hot Off for Ethan now? Do I?

Steph said...

Finny: I don't hate the balding, it just didn't help :P

Elly: I'm not saying no.

Elly said...

That can only end in tears...and possibly Pink things.