04 December 2007

"Now you're gonna get it Bobby..." (Wings 4, Habs 1)

The Wings played the Canadiens this evening. The game was on Versus, and though I hear there was a neat pregame ceremony, we were unsurprisingly not shown any of it - it was nice to hear the Habs cheering Chris Chelios at the end of the evening, though.

I have a huge presentation tomorrow and thus while I watched the game I didn't take notes or have much to say except that the Wings played a strong game and the Eurotwins as usual were beautiful - you can find the official recap here, and I'm sure others will have theirs up soon. Check back! Actually I was sort of thankful I didn't have to pay attention because after hearing, in the first 8 minutes, two "Price is right" cracks from the VS announcing staff (nhl.com snuck one in there too - let's not all be so clever, guys) all I could think of as we led for the rest of the game was:

I'm glad we won so I had the opportunity to post it. Ignoring that actually I guess it might have been more apt if they'd come back and won it - but I'm not complaining.

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