14 December 2007

Oil Slick (Wings 3, Oilers 4)

On the way to the game yesterday evening, Andy and I were pulled over (don't drive five over the speed limit in Jackson, kids) by a cop who, upon looking in my car, pointed down at my (Hemsky) jersey, proclaimed himself to be a Wings fan and said, "They're gonna lose." An ominous fortune indeed - I hope that cop thought about me when he saw the final score of the game.

The game itself was a great one to watch live - not necessarily because the either team played spectacularly (in fact, several of the Wings especially looked to be a little bit off their games), but because the two teams looked relatively evenly matched.

I won't lie, while the Wings are still my #1 team, I spent most of my time yesterday watching the Oilers, because I only get to see them one a year or so. I was particularly happy to see Dwayne Roloson look sharp and make a few absolutely key saves after seeing him slip in comparison to backup Mathieu Garon lately. I can't argue, of course, with my boy Ales Hemsky not only notching the first Oilers goal of the game, but also proceeding to win the game for the Oilers in the shootout, which they are now 9-1 in this season. He even got a brief chance to play goal, when a shot early on took Roloson far out of the crease, and Hemmer stepped in, looking like a deer in headlights, but managing to make at least one save to help out while Roli got back into position. Not to mention he gave me a couple beautiful photo opportunities.

It's official. Ales Hemsky loves me.

Hasek, who is from the same Czech town of Pardubice as Hemsky had this to say:

"That kid (Hemsky) is from the same town I'm from," Hasek said of his fellow Pardubice, Czech Republic, native.

"I know he's a skilled player. There was a tiny hole, not much room, but he made a very good shot."

If you live in the Detroit area, be sure to check out the Detroit News article, which features a nice shot of "Alex" Hemsky from the game last night. Thanks, proofreaders - you guys keep on making journalism look professional, okay?

As for the Wings, Henrik Zetterberg had a good night, picking up two goals, while Pavel Datsyuk was held pointless. Dominik Hasek had a decent evening, despite a scare early in the third period when Shawn Horcoff crashed the net and caught the goalie with his skate, knocking him breathless for a few moments. The loss ended a 7 game win streak for the Wings, but with home games against the Panthers (Saturday) and the Capitals (Monday) coming up, they'll have the chance to bounce back quickly. As for the Oilers, they're pitted against Vancouver on Saturday and have started this road trip off well, so I hope it continues for them.

Steve Staios is ready. (No, seriously, he barely wanted to get off the ice yesterday.)

If you're interested, I have some more photos of yesterday's warmups and the game itself that you should be able to access via those links.


CKim said...

omg...that's Hemsky? Dare I say it?...squee? (That's my first official "squee," haha, I've held out for long enough.

And I think the Oil is one of my favorite jersey designs for this year. It's clean and the two lines from the neck down just add to it. But the Kings are gonna be favorite hands down of course. =) Hmm, I hope KMS doesn't see this; I might get some wrath from her. =P

Kirsten said...

Damn you, Steph. I have held out against everyone's claims that Hemsky is hot. That picture makes me believe it, but only that picture.

Elly said...

I still say Hemmer's got nothing on Moreau.

Kirsten said...

Oh he is, but before I refused to admit that Hemmer wasn't even a tiny bit hot. Hemsky doesn't make me melt, Moreau on the other hand, you have to squeegee me up off the floor.

Steph said...

Connie: I am so happy that my Hemsky was the object of your first squee! And I agree with you on the jerseys - at first I thought they looked too much like practice jerseys, but as the season's gone on they've really grown on me. They're so nice and clean, although I really do wish they'd thought twice about the weird only on the inside sleeve stripes.

Kirsten: SEE. SEEEEEE. Give him a chance :P

Elly: Moreau is totally a different breed of hot. I don't think I can call Hemmer gorgeous the way I can him, even if he's still my favorite. I mean...it's Ethan. You can't argue with that. (This does not mean I didn't vote for Hemmer in the Hot-off.

Elly said...

Steph: Hemsky's cute, I'll give you that, but in a different breed of hot, as you said. That is why the Hot Off demanded Moreau's support.

Steph said...

I am really happy that the Oilers varying degree of attractiveness is splitting the blog :P

Hemmer > Moreau.

CKim said...

Sheldon Souraaaaaaaaaaay.

Kirsten said...

Mmmmmm, Sheldon Souray. It's a good thing that the Oilers have enough hotness for everyone. The Wild are not a particularly hot team, so I always tell the Oilers fans to count their damn blessings. Stoll, Moreau, Souray, Staios has his moments, Hemmer, Brodziak...life is good.

Stephanie said...

Kirsten, I feel you. I mean...the Red Wings? We've got Ageless Lidstrom, Scruffy Zetterberg, and the rookie Filppula who is still much too pretty for hockey, but outside of that?

Sigh, but the Oilers...even without Gator around (I feel I should mention Lupul here but I don't want to) there's a lot to be thankful for.

Elly said...

Stephanie: I feel you, I miss Gator being back in the West. Seeing him 7 more times a year is not worth the addition of orange and black.

Steph: Moreau > Hemsky, and don't make me come over there.

Steph said...

Are we going to have to fight? Because I'll fight you. I'LL FIGHT YOU ELLY.

You just wait. We'll just see which way the results go...(and then if Hemmer loses I'll go cry in a corner, blame it on Pronger, and listen to Spice Girls).