11 December 2007

Pens v Flyers 12/11/07


kristin said...

Would it help to know I got some pictures of gator or that y'all won 7 of your last 8? Doesn't that make you feel better?

I didn't think it would, but I had to try...

Elly said...

No. Not even pictures of Smith can help right now. That is how deep my pain goes.

I will still go and look at them, of course. :)

Dwayne said...

it's not so bad, ellykins. it's not worth putting your head in your hands for, at any rate. beating the shit out of someone, sure, but not "sadness" stuff.

i'm not going to whine about most of the game. the only thing i take exception to is eager not having the balls to stand up and fight like a man after taking his cheap shot. that just screams "incredibly tiny penis". i'm talking tunneling electron microsope tiny here.

i mean, hell, even though i know i'd leave with my face needing severe reconstruction, if i took a run at laraque, i'd stand up and take my shots too.

but hell, if eager won't take them, blow out biron's knee, right? if you won't man up and take your punishment, someone important to your team will.

Kirsten said...

This post is amazing. I laughed really hard, I'm sorry. I watched the game last night with a Pens fan. I thought he was going to cry. I was tempted to cry also when I realized that it was fucking Lupul that was getting all these damn goals.

Kristin-You can feel free to post pictures of Gator anyway...I'm sure someone else will look and appreciate them.

Steph said...

I certainly would.

Kirsten said...

I think I can apply this post to both the Wild's game vs. the Wings, and also to last night's game.

Teebz said...

If anything can be taken from this game, it's to know that Gary Roberts is ready to explode on both his teammates and the rest of the NHL.

My evidence? Ben Eager's face. And head. And cauliflower ears. And tears.

I have a bad feeling the Penguins are going to make a huge run after Christmas led by the 41 year-old Terminator known as Gary Roberts.

Elly said...

Dwayne: I have to agree, upon reflection, that you are right: the only thing (aside from the lack of Penguins playing well and all that) is that Eager didn't stand up with Laraque. Oh well, the air was cleared on that with Roberts.

I do hope that Biron is all right, though, no need to break goalies.

Kirsten: It's all right, I can laugh about it, too, now. :) Of course, it's the maniacal laughter of severe depression, but it's still laughter!

Steph: I would too. I'm going to try to block out that icky orange and black part, though.

Kirsten: My sympathies.

Teebz: I was a little hesitant to get behind Roberts when he arrived, but even though they lost, he showed up in a big way. Besides, nothing like hearing the Flyers' fan you're sitting next to suck in a breath and go, 'oh shit,' when he sees Roberts coming after his team's player. :)

Steph said...

I always block out the black and orange. I pretend it's blue :)

I saw a guy at the game tonight in an Oilers Smith jersey. It made me really happy and then it made me miss him a lot.

Teebz said...

Just to add to my comment...

Andy Sutton (NYI) vs. Gary Roberts (PIT).

Roberts destroys a legitimate fighter, and improves his record this week to 2-0 in fights.

I'm telling you... be afraid of Roberts. He looks like a man possessed on the ice.