08 December 2007

How much is that little doggie in the window?

The Thrashers, bless their little heart, have opened up their arms for the season of giving and taken Recchi off waivers. He's expected to play Sunday. I do believe that this might be 'fare thee well' for #8...although this is hardly the first time the fans have bid him adieu. Fourth time's the charm?

Good luck, Recchi! Say hi to Thorburn for us!

EDIT: In the interest of not having three posts from me in the space of 24 hours all stacked up like snarky pringles, I'll put this bit into here. Don Cherry, the blinding, make-your-eyes(and ears)-bleed icon of the CBC once more told the world how much he hates the Penguins by talking about the Recchi trade. While I'm not surprised that he spoke about the lack of class shown by the Penguins management in dumping Recchi like Jared threw off his fat pants through Subway, can he really blame the Penguins for wanting to build a better team? Yes, they could have handled it different, looked for a better way to go at the beginning of the season, but he played well last year and was worth trying for another run, even if it was for his cohesive power in the locker room.

Cherry, you know I love you, you know I'll always listen, but please, for the love of the rest of the known world, tone down the Canadian nepotism. I love Canada too, but to stumble over well-known European players? I've overlooked the raging man-crush on Tucker, but at least give the credit where credit is due, even if it's grudgingly. Canada rocks. Hockey is on. Life is good.

P.S. Who would have thought that Auld would get the nod instead of Rask? Go Boston! Also, Crosby is on After Hours. Surprise!

P.S.S. Anyone seen those Reddenbacher's 'flavor shakers' commercials? Surprise! Love it.

So, in conclusion, I think we all must ask ourselves the big question about Recchi's departure: Will Jordan Staal still live in his guest house (he does still live there, right)? Who will he ride to the rink with? Inquiring minds.

EDIT...EDIT?: Alex Auld was a beast in net. Wow. Also, the sky robin's egg blue inside of Cherry's latest wrap = sexy. Anyone else think Alberts played a good defensive game?


kristin said...

snarky pringles

That should be the name of a blog or a band or something!

Elly said...

Ooooh, if I ever make a band, I'm calling it that. Good idea!

Teebz said...

Letang's shootout goals were beautiful. The kid looks like the next Sergei Zubov with his soft hands, smooth skating, and #58.

If he is sent down to WBS anytime this season, Michel Therrien should go with him.