28 November 2006

And because I couldn't leave the Pens out...

A quick Penguin post:

No word yet on Crosby, although he said he felt better yesterday, and this morning's skate would determine his ability to play tonight or not. I would like to see him back, but only if he's healthy. Get better soon, Sidney! Really soon, please.

The Tribune had an interesting little tid bit here. I think it really hinges, yes, on the two superstars we have, but lets not forget the rest of the team. It's hard to look past the brilliance of Malkin and Crosby, but we've got a few other stars, too. There hasn't been any press on Fleury, who, aside from having his own handsome bobblehead, has played like a trooper recently, as has T-bo on the other nights. Anything on Talbot? Gonchar? Recchi?

Rematch against the Islanders tonight, game time a special 7pm show. Go Pens!

P.S. As a random aside, I had a dream that I was trying to teach Malkin English last night, and he was trying to teach me Russian at the same time. Hm.

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