27 November 2006

No snow yet...

Although Steph already posted about this, I really must say that I would like Santa to put one of the Blue Jacket's Christmas cd's in my stocking this year. While I wouldn't say that it would be, ah, music to my ears, they did it for charity and that is always a worthy cause. Besides, hearing big, hulking hockey players sing 'deck the halls' is worth 10 bucks.

Penguins play tomorrow, but it feels lonely without a game tonight. It's probably for the best. I won't forget to bring someone's beer to their table while I'm yelling at the tv at work.

Calgary lost against the Ducks. While I would normally rail that the Ducks beat Kipper...they didn't Instead, we got another look at the mysterious and elusive Flames' back up goalie, McLennan. Now, if anyone has any interest in the Flames, you know that 'Noodles' is not exactly 'elusive'...any video has him in it ragging on his fellow teammates, but it isn't often we get to see anyone but the hard-working Kiprusoff. I think it's an interesting coaching choice to put McLennan in against the Ducks, who are number 1 in the west, and put Kipper in against the Kings, who have been falling as of late (of course, not NOW, that Calgary just caught them).

Only a back to back on OLNUSUSUS tonight. Go Pens!...tomorrow.


Steph said...

They're pulling a Mike Babcock! I only hope for the Flames' sake that they don't end up as screwed for their efforts.

Elly said...

They're already farther down than anyone thought they'd be...well, the season is still young!