27 November 2006

Days of our Lives.....on Ice?

I wasn't going to start with this already since the game isn't even until tomorrow night (I still don't have a place to watch it for that matter--Oilers PPV certainly doesn't reach into Michigan, and my plea to the Kalamazoo livejournal community as to establishments playing Center Ice games went unanswered), and I have the Wings/Stars game to be concentrating on as of a minute and fifty two seconds ago, but I just thought I should throw out there that Kevin Lowe is a little bit my hero.

"I'm not afraid to bad-mouth Chris Pronger," was a start, but when he, in speaking about the whole Pronger incident, told the Edmonton Sun, "It's a great subplot in the season," he sealed the deal.

I imagine this is only the start of the Pronger media explosion. Anything else important will likely get posted as it happens...I expect flooding on all the Oilers blogs I read in the next day or so.


Elly has just brought the following to my attention, courtesy of EPSN. I have highlighted the important part so everyone's sure to catch it:

Hockey Fact: The Oilers began the week 10-2 at home and 3-6-1 on the road. They have three home games this week, including Chris Pronger and the Ducks on Tuesday night in Edmonton. Mrs. Pronger will drop the ceremonial first puck.
Um. What? No seriously....what? If that is honestly the case, then there is someone in Edmonton with an amazingly twisted sense of humor, and they'd best be checking fans at the doors for rotten vegetables. I might die if that happens. Come to think of it, so might she.

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