20 November 2006

Some Kinda Introduction

1. Where am I and who are you?

You're at No Pun Intended, a hockey blog run by Steph and Elly, a couple of college students terminally slacking off on school in favor of beer and hockey, that's part rant, part actual astute observation, and part...well, squeeing over certain hockey players who shall as of now remain unnamed. You'll figure it out.

Also noteworthy, the picture that goes with this post is several months out of date and that hideous bleach blonde which will never happen again.

2. So why does this place exist?

Mostly because we seem to think that other people care about our opinions--and we have enough of them that writing them down seemed to make sense. That and when you spend several hours day watching hockey clips on youtube, you eventually want to share. After what had to have been a good few weeks of trying to pick a name, we started a blog over on livejournal, but as most of the hockey blogs we've seen are over here, we're suffering through learning how to use this supposedly "easy" method of publishing our useless information to the web.

3. And who are your favorite teams?

Steph grew up in Hockeytown as a Wings fan, but with a Canadian father, and is thus even more a Leafs fan. Thanks to the cup finals last year she's become utterly obsessed with the Oilers as well. We aren't sure yet how much of this is because of Dwayne Roloson. Recently she's started liking the Sharks too. This is contrary to everything she's ever known about hockey and she pretends it never happened.

Elly on the other hand, is a diehard Pens fan with a soft spot for Calgary (which may or may not have a lot to do with Mikka Kiprusoff--seriously, we have a thing for goalies), and has recently come into the Oilers love as well.

It goes without saying that nether of us are fond of Carolina, but Anaheim is up there on the hate list as well.

4. What about favorite players?

Steph's always had a soft spot for Mats Sundin and STILL LOVES MANNY LEGACE, DAMMIT! She's also been far too obsessed with Jiri Hudler, Andrew Raycroft, and Dwayne Roloson lately. Also she still owes Fernando Pisani her first born (and possibly five or six more children after that) from the playoffs last year.

Elly's squeeing over Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin lately, but she hasn't gotten over Mario Lemieux and Mikka Kiprusoff, either. And then of course, ever since the playoffs there's been a whole lot of Jussi Markkanen love floating around. She may or may not have forgiven Chris Pronger. We aren't sure yet.

5. Why No Pun Intended?

Seriously don't even ask. We don't really even remember anymore (trust me the decision took weeks), except that we definitely make enough terrible hockey puns to require that disclaimer far more than anyone should. Ever.

6. Anything else?

That about covers it all. One of these day's well figure this all out and hey--maybe have a frequently updating, respectable blog.

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