28 November 2006

Welcome back, Chris, sorry we had to kick your ass

I'll admit it: I still love Chris Pronger.

Am I mad at him? Only a little. However, it is the very reasons I'm still a bit frustrated at him that make me love him in the first place. He is a rough, totally-unapologetic player, who has made no bones or compromises in this situation. When questioned about the whole affair, he sticks to what he said way back at the end of the finals, '"I've been asked that question a million times and I've answered that question a million times and my answer isn't going to change," he said. "It's personal, family reasons and that's as much as I'm going to get into it."' (Thanks, CBC) It's troubling and irritating, why did he leave after he said so many time how much he loved playing in Edmonton? Just like with the tootsie pops, the world may never know.

Of course, on the practical side, I also miss his 20+ minutes on the ice, his hard-hitting defense, and watching his 6'6 frame skate around and scare the beejesus about of the opposing team. I don't care what the rumors may say, because they are just that: rumors. Your personal life off the ice is, well, personal. As long as it doesn't affect the play or hurt anyone, I don't care. What made me angry, as I believe many other fans feel, was the way in which he handled the situation. Don't drop hints and then leave to go on vacation. That is rude and tactless...besides, right after a spectacular playoff run like that, any fan would be upset over the heartbreak of his defection.

The fact that he went to Anaheim, of all places, is a completely different story.

I am happy to see that the rest of the Oilers aren't smack-talking Pronger, and apparently have said, 'Pronger, they said, is more machine than man on game day — a cold-eyed Terminator with a six-foot hockey stick, an uncanny knowledge of the game and an instinct for the jugular.' Now while the 10 year old in me is giggling at the 'six-foot hockey stick' part, anyone who has seen him play can attest to his determination on the ice. The crowd won't phase him.

On a bit of a tangent: Does anyone know why Markkanen was dropped? He didn't have a spectacular game against the Blues the last time he was on the ice, but that shouldn't be a reason to drop him after the finals last season. Was there an injury? I can't seem to find anymore information on it. Besides, it's not like he lost a playoff game. (We still love you, Ty, but you don't adventure as well as Jussi)

Game time: 9pm EST
Predictions? I'm not good at them...but my hope is for a good, clean game, with Edmonton crushing the Ducks into a little feathery pulp in a 4-0 shutout. Lots of hard offense is going to be key here, and some solid netminding from Roli. I expect to see no less than 300 hundred anti-Pronger signs, hear some very loud booing (Edmonton fans are some of the most vocal in the league...think they'll let them sing the anthem this time?), and hopefully, after all is said and the Ducks beaten, people can move on. Fans love their teams, just look at the Pens fans booing Jagr...still.



Steph said...

He hurt his knee at practice, and I know that took him out of the superskills competition, so it's probably why they pulled up Deslauriers. Jussi said he wasn't sure if he'd be ready to play tonight and there's no way the Oilers would want to be caught against this team without a backup.

Elly said...

What would I do without you to find all the stuff that I can't? <3