05 June 2007

Cocky Awards; Stanley Cup games 3-4

Man, with so much cockiness flying around, it's hard to pick just one person from each game! Last year's finals saw some words exchanged, but this series is hard to match from the sheer egos sitting on the ice.

Game 3: What a game! Of course, I missed quite a bit due to a birthday party, but alls well that ends well (are you listening, Ottawa?). The winner for this game? Undoubtedly Chris Pronger, not for his blatant elbow to the head, but for the lack of penalty following it.

Game 4: Oh, where to start on this game. Could it be Ryan Getzlaf, for his sneering grin and cheesy game play, Chris Pronger, for being...Chris Pronger? Perhaps Corey Perry and Dustin Penner for throwing their weight around? McDonald for scoring those clutch goals? A one Mr. Heatley for finally being in the right place at the right time?

No. No ego on the ice could compare to the two that were above it. In his scheduled scarring of the American public, Don Cherry came on NBC (in a tasteful suit, imagine that) to sit beside Brett Hull in possibly the loudest, and most ego-ridden broadcast to hit the hockey airwaves since they announced that desert climates were about to receive the gift of men on skates. I think what put the icing on the cake was Cherry calling out Hull with a well-placed jab about his foot in the crease. Please check it out here. Classic.

Onto game 5 tomorrow! While I'd like to see the Sens win (courtesy of Vermette's hair), I won't argue that the Sens suddenly finding themselves in the place of certain other teams that they beat out to get to where they are, oh, like the Penguins, doesn't give me a bit of warm fuzzies. Seriously though, get with it, Ottawa. Where was all that divine inspired play that we saw in the first rounds? Don't fall prey to the evil forces afoot!

Go Vermette's hair!

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