06 June 2007

It's do or die time.

One year ago tonight I didn't hate Pronger. In fact, one year ago tonight, I was putting aside my hatred for the team that knocked us out in round one, I was cheering for Prongs after that penalty shot goal in game one, I was just on the verge of learning how much I loved Jussi and hated Ty, and most importantly, I cared about the playoffs.

I'm going out with some friends to watch the game anyway, though, which leads me to plead the following: please, please, Ottawa, please don't make me cry in public. Please don't let me have to sit in a bar and watch Chris Pronger lift that cup over his head because I will, and I am not joking, I will get kicked out for what comes out of my mouth if that happens. I don't like you either, but I am willing to accept your victory if it comes hand in hand with Pronger's downfall.


(As a sidenote, it makes me very happy to announce that the sheer amount of hits our blog is getting right now for such searches as "Giguere straw" [SEE, OTHERS ARE NOTICING TOO!], "I hate Chris Pronger", and my personal favorite, "Chris Pronger ugly picture" - does this work for you? - is ridiculous. Awesome ridiculous. I love you all.)


Elly said...

That picture kills me every time.

KMS2 said...

I just saw that the Ducks were up 5-2 and decided to turn off the game because I just don't think I'll be able to watch Pronger, Perry, Getzlaf, and McDonald raise the Cup.

Elly said...

kms2: it was like watching a train wreck. A horrible, horrible train wreck.

Steph said...

I was out at the bar. I couldn't stop it. It just kept happening on the TV and I couldn't look away. I wanted to. So bad. But I just couldn't.

It was all over when I saw Lauren.

Schnookie said...

Steph, I thought all those "Giguere water bottle straw" hits we've been getting at IPB were from YOU!

KMS2 said...

I actually turned on the TV and saw Pronger being interviewed with Lauren next to him and I think I threw up in my mouth.

At least JS and his straw didn't get MVP.

Steph said...

Schnookie: Haha seriously?! I wondered if ours was from you guys but this is way too good.

Kms2: From how much my hands hurt this morning from banging them on the table last night, I can only say I'm glad I didn't see Lauren after the initial hand-the-kid-off-to-fucking-Pronger. Nothing in my proximity would have been safe.