09 June 2007

Red Wings Season End Sale

Well, the season is over, and not with a bang, but with a...well, I'm trying to come up with the best onomatopoeia for vomiting and while I might not be succeeding, I think this picture sums up best the effect the game had on my gag reflex. You were warned, don't be bitching at me if you click and regret.

So what's the best way to deal with the pain? Well since Elly's computer was overcome with Pronger winning the Cup and subsequently ceased functioning (I know how it feels), I've had to stop whining to her and fall back on the old standby - shopping, of course!

This Friday and Saturday (the 15th and 16th) the Wings will be hosting a sale at the Joe of game-worn jerseys from the 2006-2007 season and other merchandise. Outside of these (sadly much too expensive for me) jerseys, other things for sale include:

  • Game-used and new skates, sticks, gloves, goalie pads and helmets
  • Autographed goal-scored pucks
  • Autographed player photos
  • Autographed pucks
  • Autographed books
On top of this, the pro-shop at the Joe will be open as well, and the website is promising such curious things as "discounted bobbleheads". I'm hoping to be able to head home for the weekend and check out on one of the two days - anyone else planning on stopping by?


Anonymous said...

Unless I have to work unexpectedly, I'm planning on being there the first day at 3pm right when it opens up. I figured the best/most affordable stuff will be available only in the beginning.

Steph said...

As long as traffic allows for it, since I'll be coming back across the state that morning, I'd like to shoot for that, too - I'll give you a call or a text or something if I make it and maybe see you there!

Teebz said...

I'd love to be at the sale. Can someone get me an Yzerman bobblehead or something from his retirement night? I'd be willing to pay, and feature you in a blog interview! :o)

No? No one? Damn my location.

KMS2 said...

Wow, Lauren fits right in with the Laguna Beach crowd.

Steph said...

Teebz: Hey they said discounted! Might be worth the trip! :b I can't imagine anything Stevie Y will come cheap in Detroit this year though...or potentially ever.

Kms2: If what you're really trying to say is "it looks like you could probably peel her face off" then yes, yes she does.

Anonymous said...

Lauren really really really needs to lay off the self-tanner.

The kids are cute though. Even though they are the product of a succubus (I didn't know they materialised on camera...)

Jordi said...


Steph said...

Magses: What really gets me about the kids...is does it not look like the little beast on the left is wearing Ilya's equipment? I mean okay I suppose he could have gotten it anywhere, but it's huge and he's tiny and it's the right paint job!


Anonymous said...

Steph, that's exactly what I was saying to my sister and she wouldn't believe me! I am vindicated!

Did you get anything good at the sale?

Steph said...

You are! If we both thought it then it has to be true right!? (I'm a little saddened at the idea that Bryz has anything to do with the demon-spawn...but hey maybe it's not the kids' fault their parents are douches.)

And it isn't until Friday, so I don't know yet! I'm hopeful :)

Anonymous said...

Their cuteness negates any present douche-baggery. And Ilya's influence can only help. Any increases in douche-baggery will have to be assessed though.

Obviously, the insomnia is screwing with my ability to keep dates straight. My bad.

Steph said...

Maybe Ilya's actually trying to save them while they're still young and easily influenced! Lure them away from the dark influences of their doucherocket parents and into the psycho Russian goalie fold!

Really, Ilya's just looking out for us all.

And you should sleep! Battle the insomnia and sleep lots! But don't be like me and sleep until one in the afternoon. That's not so good.

Margee said...

that picture makes me so sad.

Anonymous said...

It looks like I won't be going after all. :/ I have a German final on Tuesday morning, a huuge job interview Tuesday afternoon, and my grandparents are in town so I need all the free time I can get. I really wanna go! You'll just have to lemme know how it is!