06 June 2007

The hockey devils (not New Jersey) have won

Nauseated. Dizzy. Angry. Frustrated. Confused. Disgusted.

Just a few words to describe the end of the Cup finals for 2006-2007. An anticlimactic and poorly-played last game to see the fans into the summer...unless, of course, you are a Ducks fan. I'll have more on this later (as I am sure that Steph will as well), but the consolation I take from this is that watching those west coast fowl raise the Cup over their heads...I can easily picture another team, another set of young players with tears in their eyes, hoisting that chunk of silver to a screaming crowd in western Pennsylvania.

Next year.


Steph said...

Thank you for the text messages. Even vaguely drunk as I would, I am not sure I could have handled it otherwise. As it stood, I stopped banging my fists on the table before I seriously damaged either of them, and whined to you instead.

I miss my Wings. I miss my Oilers. When they showed Lauren I literally nearly cried. In public.

Jordi said...

I'm trying to start a thing going where we pretend the 06-07 Cup finals never happened. In fact the whole season was a big lockout.

Fucking Lauren.

Anonymous said...

Even non-ducks fans were happy about this game.

Keep in mind there's a huge difference between being a Ducks fan and a Senators absolute-fuckin'-loather. Honestly, half the Ottawa team needs to sustain career ending injuries just so I never have to want to kill them with my bare hands again. I would hope for a horrifying plane crash, but they all seem to be nice people, but some of the very biggest assholes in all of hockey.

hockeygirl said...

I have nothing to say about that game. As it went on, the less of my attention it received.

btw, your anonymouse seems so nice.

KMS2 said...

Jordi, I think you're on to something ;)

Steph said...

Jordi: I'm up for it.

HG: The longer it went on the less attention it received and the more my beer did. And it does, doesn't it? Sheesh.

Elly said...

Steph: That is what I am here for, to send you incoherent text messages of rage and grief.

Jordi: I'd join you, but the Pens had a great season (overall), and I can't forget that.

Anonymous: I don't think I'd want that on anyone, and I don't hate the Senators, but you do have a point: I'm not a fan of the Sens, I'm just a really big NOT fan of the Ducks, if that makes sense.

HG: It was like watching a train wreck...a slow-mo, horrible train wreck.

Steph said...

And I appreciate it - there were a ton of games this year I might not have made it through without you.

Anonymous said...

Well, in my defense, I didn't want them to die; just to get off my ice.

(Yes, I'm aware I have no more claim to the ice these guys play on than does a raging inferno, but even so, god DAMN do I hate Schubert, Neil, and Alfredsson. So much so that anyone standing within 10 feet of them on a daily basis becomes immediately infected with the same spores that cause so much loathing for the original trifecta of doodieheads.)

(Yes. I did say doodieheads.)