07 June 2007

Fair thee well, 2006-2007 season

That's it. Done. Finis. End. Over. I can hardly believe it's gone so fast...and there are some long months till the guys hit the ice in October.

Even Ducks fans must admit: that was a pitiful way to end the season. The Senators, for all their inspired play earlier in the playoffs, failed to put anything together since they hit the ice in Anaheim. Bounces went bad, turnovers turned into goals, checks threw players off the puck at cruital times, and some potent rebounds shuffled between Emery's pads and into the goal. Overall, it was lacking play, bad luck, and some fine hockey on the parts of the Anaheim Ducks that won it. I would have rather seen the Sens take the Cup home, but with the way they played last night, they didn't deserve it...and no matter who you root for, who you want to win, and who does win, you're not a hockey fan if you don't get goosebumps every time the Cup is awarded (I even smiled when Selanne got it, you just can't help appreciate that). Congratulations to both teams, it takes a lot to get to the finals, and they both did something fantastic through making it all the way to June. See you next year, guys.

So, instead of recapping last night's fiasco of a game, I'm going to look ahead to the 2007-2008 season and some things that Penguins' fans, and all fans of the wonderful game of hockey, can look forward to.

-Sidney's first year as captain. It will be interesting to see if an extra C on his uniform will make any difference in the leadership he's already shown.
-Further development of the Penguins as a whole, working, ass-kicking, Stanley Cup winning, blowout team. Did I mention I'm getting Center Ice next year? This next season I can't miss.
-The Oilers coming back as something that does not resemble a frat house the Morning After.
-The Bruins! Hey, I love the Bruins, shut it.
-Where Ryan Smyth goes: the trade of the summer.
-How will the Senators look next season? The Ducks? Will they follow in the Canes and Oilers' footsteps?

So, woeful Sens fans and those that hate Anaheim, think of those points (as well as many others, I'm sure), and know that there is a light in the darkness! A shining pool of water to quench your hockey thirst next season! New terrible metaphors to be made! A whole summer of baseball!

As always....go Pens.


CapsChick said...

Gee, you didn't mention the Caps' new jerseys! COME ON! Aren't you excited? ;)

Pete said...

I think you mean "Fare thee well."

Just sayin'.

Steph said...

CC: You know Elly's just thrilled. If her computer weren't broken I bet she'd be all over these comments in disbelief that she'd forgotten such an important thing!

Pete: I fixed it for her. Because I'm an awesome coblogger like that :b

Steph said...

Also 'ly I feel like I should make a Lupul comment whenever "Oilers" and "frat" are mentioned in such close proximity. But I'm not clever enough to do it right now.

Margee said...

Hmmm... Steph, I have to agree. A Lupul joke feels right here. There's a lot going on there. I'll meet you back here for a joke exchange.

Steph said...

Margee, I'm still trying, but I've still got nothing. I feel like I'm letting everyone down :(