12 June 2007

We age well. Like wine. Just go with it.

Dominik Hasek has made his decision about returning next season (thanks Christy for the tip), and Chris Chelios just signed a one year contract as well.

What does this mean for the Detroit Red Wings? Well, providing Hasek's decision is to return, it means a whole lot of breathing easier and the ability to go out and really start trying to resign a lot of other players, with the confidence that our goalie situation is settled. Hooray! (On the topic of Wings UFAs, this week's HLOG topic was a discussion of your team's UFAs and their situations - rather than crossposting I'll just link you to mine.)

What does this mean for everyone else? Still assuming Hasek stays, that we the viewers will not, after all, be deprived next season of such enlightened commentary as "the forty-five year old defenseman Chris Chelios plays the puck blahblahblah" (by the time this entire sentence is said Cheli probably no longer has the puck at all and in fact could be dead of old age) or of constant comments about the respective ages of both players and of the team in general during (but not limited to!) every Wings game. It also means the NPI game liveblogs will not go without their precious stats of just how many times each gets mentioned (hey let's make it a contest next year!). It also means that you non-Wings fans' lame player-based reasons to hate our entire team stay intact. Jerks :b


It is also my duty to report that I have been given the task by Elly to inform you all that her recent absence is due to theraputic retreat to recover from the end of the season. Truth be told, we talked a little too much about Prongers' lack of pants and her computer imploded at the thought, or something along those lines. No really. Don't make fun of Prongs around your electronic devices, I've had a phone and a laptop fritz out on me. Either way, she's predicting a week or so until her timely return. Why timely? I don't know. Go with it.

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Skye-chan said...

...Like Henrik's wine? *shot*