04 January 2008

Deep, insightful recap

Can I get a hell yeah?
Hell. Yeah.

Congratulations, Geno!


Teebz said...

Conklin is the second-coming of Lalime's 16-game undefeated streak.

The guy is, dare I say it, brilliant.

Ellie said...

hellz yeah : )

not sure if you saw it or not - the malkin interview with danny potash after the game was hilarious!


The pass between the legs was.... AMAZING.

Oh, my.

DS said...

Elly, are you in off the ledge about T.Conk yet? ;)

...Have you at least stopped crying?

Y'know, that whole "sacrilege" thing of wearing #35 for the Pens may've helped, who knows. :P

Teebz said...

That Malkin goal against Florida may have caused me to re-develop a man-crush on Geno.

The kid is on fire!

Elly said...

Teebz: If Conks goes 16 games, I'll stop whining about him. (Although look at Lalime now...hmm)

And I was at work, I didn't get to see the game! I did get to chat with a Florida fan during it, though.

Ellie: I didn't! Dang Center Ice cuts off pretty quickly, but I heard he did it in English, right?

Rachel: That pass was amazingly slick. Just beautiful.

ds: Not yet! ;) But the crying has trickled down to a few pitiful whimpers every time he leaves the crease.

Wonder what some of the past 35's have to say about it!