19 January 2008

Well...damn it.

That sucks.

I won't bemoan all the horrible ways the Pens can fail because any Pens fan knows them, but as much of a kick in the nuts the injuries have been this year, we've still got some great players and I am sure that the players themselves would be the first to tie down the jersey and get out there, not counting themselves out. February is going to be an interesting month.

In the NHL last night there were four hat tricks, two of which where in the same game (Buffalo completely trashing Atlanta). Something in the water?

Is Malkin going to finally get a plane ticket to Atlanta?

Also, if you haven't seen it, check out the NHL's 'frozen moment' and look at the faces of the Pens on the bench...especially Armstrong's. Excellent.

Pens and Habs tonight, should be a good game. CBC 7 pm.
Go Pens.

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Teka said...

I dunno, I think Ruutu might win that one, really.