01 January 2008

...Really, NBC?

I wasn't going to bother watching the Winter Classic until I heard about who was in net for Pittsburgh. And now I'm glad that I made it home for the third period, if only because I turned my TV on to hear the announcers proclaim:

"That's a real strength of Ty Conklin; playing the puck."

Seriously. Seriously?

(I'm glad to see he got it done, though, guy deserves a break.)


Anonymous said...

Steph, I'll have you know I was TOTALLY pulling for Conks, even though you're playing me in the IPBLeague this week and a win for him might kill me.

CKim said...

I saw an interview with Conklin yesterday and he TOTALLY reminded me of one of my rowers back in college (and he was a character), and so I was ALSO pulling for Conklin. =P

And I can't root against Crosby. I just can't.

Steph said...

Mags, I am TOTALLY glad to hear that - and um, I don't think you need to worry about me making too much of an upset in that league :P

Connie, yay! He just needs love, I'm telling you. I think I'm going to start a drive to get Elly to stop crying every time she hears his name.

CKim said...

I was wondering, why wasn't Conks wearing his throw-back pads during the game? I thought they looked awesome during their practice yesterday!

Teebz said...

The rumour is that Conklin didn't wear the throwbacks because they weren't broken in enough.

However, Conklin is 5-0 (wtf?) since joining the big club. It appears that he may have found the form he lost some time ago in Edmonton.

Steph said...

I think Teebz is right, he wouldn't have had much time to break them in since they were probably a rush job - I heard his helmet was done pretty quickly, or something like that, and I also think I've read something about him (though I guess it's most goalies) being finicky about that. (How sad is it that one article specifically mentioned that poor Sabourin got pads, a blocker, and a helmet to match the retro jerseys and then didn't get to show them off? Poor guy - but yay Conks.)

And he has looked really good lately, it's nice to see (though you know, even his overall record, 34-24-7 with three shutouts, a 2.65 GAA and a .901 save percentage) isn't particularly awful).

kristin said...

That is an awesome quote!

Yeah, Conks is known for his puck playing ability. Yup.

CKim said...

Conklin is 5-0 (wtf?) since joining the big club.

A little grooming never hurt anyone. He looked pretty good out there. And the baby blue jerseys grew on me, I wasn't sure at first.

Steph - You do gotta feel bad for the back up goalies, but Conks and Miller got their starts for a reason. (P.S. Conks is an awesome nickname.)

Steph said...

Kirsten, you know, in a way I guess he really is known for it...I'm just not so sure he's known for being good at it :P

Connie, I was definitely happy to see that Conks got to start and with his record since getting up to the big club he certainly deserved it - guess Sabourin shouldn't have assumed he was a shoe-in when Fleury got hurt.

Teebz said...

CBC reported yesterday that Sabourin will continue wearing the old-style gear for the rest of the season as he likes the look.

The brown pads will get a fresh look in the NHL this season. :o)

Elly said...

It is going to take more than a 5-0 stretch to get me to stop gasping and screaming at the tv every time I see him start/move away from the net. He just looks....twitchy. It makes ME twitchy. I do not like watching hockey and feeling twitchy.

Sigh. I will give him credit where credit is due, and he was...okay. He has managed to handle the puck well, but that doesn't stop me from developing another ulcer every time he goes outside the crease.

CKim said...

Elly - I know the twitchy feeling. Trust me...I know. Is it bad that my stress and anxiety levels elevate to an uncharitably high number when the Kings go to take the first face off of any game?

But now that Aubin made that commercial with Miller, he's taken himself off my shit list for the time being.

Hmm ladies, it appears that we have streaky goalies. What the hell.

Teebz - I know you, as the traditionalist, will enjoy the brown pads. I think they look sick.

Steph said...

Okay so that WAS Aubin in that commercial, then. I thought so, but considering I spent most of last year disliking him in Toronto and never paid a whole lot of attention to him :P

Elly said...

Ckim: I...think it is a sign of being attuned to your team that you feel their anxiety as your own. Right?

I forgot you guys had Aubin now! I am so out of the loop right now.

Steph said...

Elly, does that mean you're attuned to Conks?

Kirsten said...

Ew, I can't believe Hemmer won. PS, I'm dropping him tomorrow if you want to go and get him.

Tomorrow, Team USA vs Team Canada. Will you be watching?

CKim said...

Elly - That is a certified "yes." I had no idea who Aubin was before he got signed. haha

aaaaand we lost tonight. greeeeeeaat.